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The issue with these textbooks are the narratives, especially when retelling the recently historic events of Japan’s colonialism and imperialism. Outlook of the narratives have been of debate among Japanese politicians and scholars, liberals and conservatives. Many progressive & left-leaning Japanese academics and the international community believe the victimization of the people of Asia are whitewashed, understated, and/or not recognized in these textbooks. On the opposite side, conservative Japanese nationals believe the textbooks lack the tone of victimhood for the Japanese people.
Getting a textbook into the hands of Japanese children is a fairly simple process when observed from the outside. Textbook makers send drafts of their product to Japan’s Ministry of Education, where government officials review the material and ensures the material follows the curriculum. Corrections are noted on the drafts, which are sent back to the textbook company. If the Ministry likes you enough (interpret this as you will), they’ll add your book to the very short list of textbooks allowed in Japanese public schools. As you can imagine, the Japanese school textbook industry is cutthroat. And it is a very cash lucrative business. Depending on the age groups, the list of allowed textbooks can range from only 1-2 to the low 10s. These are options for every school in the entire nation.
In 2001 and again in 2006, the Ministry of Education approved a more controversial-than-usual textbook that could be used to instruct students aged between 13 and 15. It was one out of eight available options for the schools. The book created uproar with China and South Korea. Written by a group of nationalists called the Atarashii Kyokasho o Tsukuru Kai (Tsukuru Kai for short), the book whitewashed Japan’s militaristic past and glossed over many of the atrocities conducted.Some historical events were whitewashed and glossed over and one example of this is in in reference to the…

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is a cancer that states in the cervix; the lower part of the uterus that opens’ at the top of the vagina. It is less common in many women because of routine Pap smear that women supposed to get at less once a year. Cervical cancer starts in the cells on the surface of the cervix walls. There are two types of cells on the cervix’s surface squamous and columnar. Most cervical cancer is from squamous cells. It develops very slowly, starts as a precancerous condition called dysplasia but it take several of years for it to turn in to cervical cancer. Almost all cervical cancer is caused by Human Papilloma Virus that is caused by sexual intercourse.
The rise factors that increase the risk of you getting cervical cancer: Risky sexual practices include having sex an early age. Having multiple sexual partners or partner who participate in high-risk sexual activities. If caught in the early stage it is treatable. Not getting the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine, poor economic status. Women who are mothers took the drug diethyl or stilbestrol during pregnancy in the early 1960s to prevent miscarriage weakens immune system. Symptom of the early stage of cervical cancer in most case you have no symptoms. Abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods, after sex after menopausal continues marginal discharge. This may be pale watery, pixie, brown, blood or smelling foul. Over a period of time get heavier, or last longer than usual. It can spend to the bladder, intestines, lungs and liver. Advanced symptom back pain, bone pain or fractures, fatigue, linking of urine or tears from the vagina, leg pain, loos of appetite, pelvic pain, single swollen leg, and weight loss.
Thing you can do to cut the risk of getting this disease is get a pap smear regular, get the HPV vaccine, prating safe sex an limit the member of your sexual partner, and stop smoking cigarette. The treatment for most stages of cervical cancer includes: Surgery, such as a…


Frederick B. Lagrada Jr. Public Speaking“Your greatest opponent is not the people around you. Overcoming oneself is the hardest of all the challenge. How can you defeat someone with the same strength and weakness as you are?”
This was the quote from the TV-animated series Naruto.
* High School
I did not know what exactly it means when I was in high school. I am smart and talented. My skills and performance were impeccable. Compete, and win—these are what I have all in my mind way back then. I was molded by the spirit of competition with the people around me desiring the same thing. To-be-a-cut-above-the-rest rule defines the game. Every day is battle and we are all warriors fighting out of our wisdom and skills. A battle that we should win for honor and glory’s sake.
Great people develop themselves by aiming to be the best and consistently working hard for it.
Section 1. It was a prestige once you belong to this class. Reputation precedes personality. Making your way to this class would mean that you belong to the elite and smartest. We are 40 in the class and we have to maintain our grade to be qualified in this section. Every year, once the number of students exceed in our section, that would call for an examination to cut the number. It was those time that I often burn the midnight oil fearing that I’ll be removed. Fortunately, I’ve been a consistent Section 1 student from first year till I graduated.
Who wouldn’t want to be part of this group when the school offers you the best of what they can provide? They give you elective class (additional subjects) to prepare us for the college. You have the access to the school’s main organization like the school paper and student government. You have the higher chance to be selected to represent the school in various competitions. And if you belong to the Top 20 class, going to college is not a problem since the municipal government would provide you P20, 000 pesos per semester allowance. An…

Article Rebuttal

College Athletes
The article is about should College Athletes be paid this is written by Steve Wulf. He will be sharing with his readers about college athletes, and how their place of being athletes in the schools are unfair, and attend where athletes ‘ talents are in the school’s interest , because of the college athletes , and their popularity, and their appeal to fans and how they are supported. In addition first and foremost the school does not known feeling to the demands for the concerns about these talent college athletes. Where the schools arguments is because of the unfair roles they are participating with these talent college athletes with giving them scholarships and grants, also with the allowances to add benefits advantages with return, these are college athletes devotes their time for this talents, with giving efforts for the honor of the schools they are sharing their love as well talent. Now the question is however is these rules fair enough or equal for the hard labors these athletes offering these talent college athletes.
Here is another issue that the author’s speaking about the type of money they received by TV networks, brands, sports organization, even from the revenue gained from the promotions , ticket and brand product sales , I can go on they do not benefit the college athletes who have worked so hard after closing these deals. I am really in agreement the author. The author is continuing to cite on these agreements from different associated parties about this matter he is still trying to get across he has point about the college athletes. Walter Byers, who is one of the preceding executive directors of NCAA, even has some insights about these issues, and agree with the author’s with these complaints and feeling toward the
College Athletes
athletes, people are starting to see the…

Five Antigone Essays

Feminism Criticism
Sophocles play Antigone is a play featuring the idea that men are more dominant over women. In his play Sophocles writes about the struggles women endure during ancient Greek times to give a sense of sympathy toward the main character. Sophocles makes male characters in his play think that women are merely house wife’s who can’t do the things men can. The main character Antigone has to define the laws of men and stand up to them in order to prove herself.
Sophocles makes many of the male characters in his play think that women can’t do the things men can. Sophocles makes Creon surprised that Antigone did a crime by saying “But this is Antigone! Why have you brought her here?” (scene 2, line 20). The idea that precious, innocent Antigone would have done such a crime surprises Creon. Creon is even more shocked that a women broke his law not a man, where before he only thought that a man could have done this is explained in scene 1 “ and the man who dared do this?” (Scene 1, line 89). This clearly shows that Creon is in disbelief that not only a woman but Antigone broke his extensive law. This makes the reader feel badly of Creon and highly of Antigone.
Sophocles makes the main character Antigone face many problems to give her a stonger woman image. The character Antigone sounds fearless when she states “Creon is not strong enough to stand in my way” (Prologue, line 36). Sophocles has Antigone say this to prove that she isn’t scared to go against King Creon for what she thinks is right. This contradicts what and overage women like Ismene would have to say on the matter, this happens when Sophocles writes as Ismene “and do what he has forbidden! We are only women; we cannot fight with men, Antigone!” (Prologue, lines 48-49). By creating a weaker character like Ismene, Sophocles uses Ismene as a foil to make Antigone look like a strong, independent woman.
Sophocles also uses characters that think women are unintelligent to make the reader…


In the last few years the Internet has become more and more embedded in our daily life. The tradition of the Internet started in the early nineties. Beginning with some poorly styled websites with no real information for the mainstream people, new services like web-based mail clients, namely, etc., dictionaries, tools like Wikipedia and digital newspapers made the internet to a common source of many useful tools and information. In fact the conquest of the internet does not stop yet. Every day new techniques like TV through the Internet are developed to make life easier.
Therefore the Internet has many advantages. The Internet is not only an useful instrument to gather the latest news very efficient, you can also communicate through the internet very easy. Not only via e-mails, but also chats allow us to twitter with friends and family. As already said, you can use it as a source of knowledge to inform you about a certain topic, too. In online-forums you can even ask other people, how the solution of a specific problem might be.
These arguments show only one part of the functionalities and usefulness of the internet. On the contrary the Internet has many disadvantages, too. Firstly it is an anonymous. This means that everyone can publish news, knowledge and other information, even though it is completely wrong. In fact you probably need much time to clarify the¬ information you gather in the World Wide Web. Another dangerous point that is often criticized is that especially the youth become often hooked on the internet. If this is the case, they have to be supervised properly.All in all, it should be obvious that the Internet can be a useful and nearly unlimited tool, but the user has to notice the possibility of manipulations and other disadvantages.

Goal Setting(Mppo)

Impact of Goal Settings on Performance |
A report studying the effectiveness of goal setting mechanism in the IT industry |Submitted to Prof.Abhishek Totawar, by Group 3,PGP 13-15 |
12/15/2013Introduction: Every company has targets and so do its employees. Today, every company sets goals for each of its employees at the beginning of each year and evaluates performance at a latter point to keep track of employee development and to align his/her work to the broad goals of the company. These goals are the basic parameters of evaluation and hence determine the performance pay of the employees too. But how efficient is this system? How satisfied are the employees, managers and HRs themselves about this system? These were the questions which motivated us to take up this project work, wherein we made sincere attempts to understand the viability and vulnerabilities of the goal setting mechanism. In a nut shell, we have tried to analysis the overall impact of goal setting process on the performance of an individual in an organisation.
Methodology: Adapting the ways of market research, our methodology included conducting primary research, holding surveys and Focus groups of both employees and managers. Later we obtained the opinions of HR professional from reputed industries about the entire system to validate our results
Major Findings: From the focus group that was conducted among five participants who had experiencing ranging from 3-5 years in the IT industry, we found out that there was a goal setting mechanism in almost all companies. Although different companies had different methods of setting goals for employees, almost all of the respondents agreed that relative performance was valued more than the set goals being achieved. Another revelation was that the employees should be given an opportunity to reject the goals being put forth by the manager, and some of the respondents exercised their option to do this.
Among 128 participants surveyed, 71%…

“I” as the Narrator Point of View

Different authors have their different ways to write their stories and novels. Sometimes, they use different point of view to tell their messages to the readers. Most of the authors usually use the third person “he” or “she” as their narrators’ point of view to help them shape their stories. Sometimes, they would like to use first person “I” as their narrators’ point of view to shape their stories. For example, “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. She used the first person point of view to write her story as journal. As she used “I” to form her story, the narration made to seem probable because the narrator in this story has some kind of mental problem. In addition, using the first person point of view is hard to judge if the narrator is telling the truth or not, even though the narrator is telling the readers part of the truth. Therefore, it’s possible that the information provided by the narrator are imagination.
At the beginning of the story, Gilman used a mysterious way to describe the house that the narrator and her husband just moved in for the summer. The description of the house showed the narrator’s purpose which she wanted the readers think this house is creepy. “A colonial mansion, a hereditary estate, I would say a haunted house, and reach the height of romantic felicity – but that would be asking too much of fate! Still I will proudly declare that there is something queer about it.” (Gilman 1) This statement tells us that the narrator was the only one who thought this house was haunted. She wanted the readers to think the same way as hers. That’s why she described the mansion like those mansions that vampires and ghosts are living inside. However, this statement is just her own opinion; it can’t prove the house was haunted or not. Therefore, what she wrote might not be true.
In addition, the following quote showed the way the narrator described the room which she wanted to lead the readers to think she wasn’t wrong about what she…


Society has always had a stake in how well people can work together and in their ability to work in groups. The use of teams, groups of people who work together on a specific task and whom are mutually accountable, became widespread in modern corporations. Therefore, teamwork became an essential skill for employees and it is important for firms to understand how to integrate different individuals into a cohesive workforce. Teams need commitment, motivation and trust to be effective and if a corporation doesn’t succeed in fostering an environment conducive to the formation of effective teams, the difficulties arising from the interactions between team members can impair a group’s efficacy. Effective groups offer the potential of synergy, and, in a business context, this synergistic effect translates into overall better results than the total of their members’ individual contributions (French et al., 2011).
Teams are considered to outperform employees operating individually by drawing from a wider range of skills and using the combined expertise of its members in the decision-making process and, consequently, improving the time required for reaching a decision and the quality of its implementation. Norman Triplett’s (1898) findings suggest that the presence of others can be beneficial to individual performance and lead to further research on the effects of social facilitation, which is currently defined as ‘the tendency that individuals have to work harder when being watched by others’ (cited in King and Lawley, 2013, p.164).
However, it is argued that employees do not achieve their full potential in a group setting due to difficulties that may arise between individuals. A group’s ability to fulfil a task can also be crippled by inefficient coordination between the members of the team and by challenges in the integration of their contributions. Steiner (1972), in his analysis of group productivity, assumes that a group does not achieve its potential…

Juvenile Crime: a Functionalists Belief

Juvenile Crime: A Functionalists Belief Crime is when someone does something that someone with power deems wrong. If you are poor the more you are penalized for your crime. The reason for is because you do not have the access to acquire the socialized want, a want of invisibility, due to the access of funds or power you may have. This can cause anomie, a feeling of being adrift. Then when society; the people of your community, judges, police officers, and teachers, label you as a criminal you are more likely to believe and conform to that label.
There is a social want for invisibility and if adolescents can not achieve this want there is more awareness of what you do wrong. In “The Saints and the Roughnecks” “Differential of the two gangs resulted in part because one gang was infinitely more visible than the other. This differential visibility was a direct function of the economic standing of the families.”(Chambliss pg 29) The roughnecks did not have the means for invisibility, so they congregated in high traffic areas. Where there time wasting was noticed by the law enforcement, teachers, and other members of the community. This caused sporadic harassment from police officers and loitering charges against them. The saints were able to hide their time wasting; by hanging out in buildings on the edge of town.
Historically, children have been presumed to lack the criminal intent to commit willful crimes. (Kornblum & Julian pg.126) But when you are young and have not achieved societies goals, society and can label you as a criminal because of your visibility and financial standing. Then as you have been labeled as such you tend to conform to your labeling. Committing crimes such as selling drugs, and that can lead to addiction. Teens sell drugs because they are in less risk of incarceration and its an easy way to gain financial stability. That they lack to gain the resources to achieve societies wants.
Society; the…