Acc 340 Week 3 Hardware and Software Paper Team B 340 Week 3 Hardware And Software Paper Team BHardware, Software, and Network Selection (Intro Quinton)
Information that needs to be shared between Cycles (Quinton)
Access Privileges (Andrew)
The fact is several different managers and employees will need access to the company’s new software and hardware. Just because an organization gives privileges does not mean that all will be granted the same access levels. For instance, managers will be granted privileges to make changes to several employees’ registers and the permission to override certain actions but general employees will only have access to their terminals. An example is that the accounting workers at Riordan Manufacturing will even have different access then general managers. The accountants would have access to the company’s ledgers and reports. Access privileges are one of the keys to security and the company’s overall success so privileges should and will only be given on a need to know basis.
Controls (Andrew)
Riordan Manufacturing must put controls in place that prevent, detect, and correct problems to ensure smooth operation. A key to controls is management placing proactive or in other words preventive control measures rather than reactive responses to problems that may occur. In short preventive control approaches fix or stop problems before they happen and reactive ones fix problems that have happened. A good organization always prefers controls that prevent problems. When a problem occurs an organizational must have detective controls to determine the problem. After a problem has been detected a company needs a corrective control that can fix the problem. Corrective control is usually procedures that are establish to restore an organizations hardware or software to its last known good configuration and in some cases to factory settings. All control strategies must be customized to fit…

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