Adjusting to Another Culture

Adjusting To Another Culture. It is amazing to visit other cultures either for businesses, tourisms, or visiting a friend, but can you interact with the culture that you are going to? It’s known that it is important to adjust to other cultures even though it is a challenging process. Regardless of what country you are from, peoples will inevitably have an experience where he or she will adjust to other culture. Getting support through this experience will help you to have a more satisfying practice, both academically and personally. Even though I’m from Egypt, but when first time I traveled to it I had some difficulty getting through the Egyptian culture, especially in their accent, food, and their demeanor.The most annoying thing that you must get through when you go to a new culture is the language or the accent. Every culture has its own language where they interconnect each other by it. Some language have different accent, which have same words but in a different pronunciation. When I traveled to Egypt to my hometown for the first time I found people who talk the same language which is Arabic and talk the same accent that I talk which is the Egyptian accent, but in a different pronunciation than I’m used to hear and pronounce. It took me the whole vacation to know that type of accent’s pronunciation. My mother’s family (most of them ) talk’s the Egyptian’s accent so fast that after they finish a sentence I ask them to repeat, but my father’s family ( some of them )talks the Egyptian’s accent so slow that sometimes I ask them to finish faster. That’s why it is difficult for me to learn different accents, so what will happen if I will learn a new language? There are stuff that you must learn it when you go to a new culture, and get used to it such as food. I think that learning something is much easier than getting use to something. If your body is used for having a specific amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals; then one…

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