Age and Qualification of Candidates Should Be Emphathised in Politics

AGE AND QUALIFICATION OF CANDIDATES SHOULD BE EMPHATHISED IN POLITICSthere s a saying that-empty vessels makes the most noise,my opponents certainly proved it right…well lets move ongood morning,respected cheif guest,judges and my dear friends,today i tarun budhwani of government college of ajmer is here to present my views in against of the topic that age and
qualification of candidates should be emphathised in politics. i would like to convey my thoughts im more simplistic way ‘so ill distinguish both qualification and age.all my opponents here are
confusing qualification with education, so first of all we need to understand what
is qualification for a political representative ? qualification can be anything,it can be a dgree,iminimum marks in xyz exam or some experience in social field.which leads me
towards our big question.. is it necessary to ensure minimum qualification for our political represantatives?the answer is NO! A BIG NO!how can we decide minimum qualification for any representative in
democracy,because in a democratic country people decide who they want to see as their can we decide on behalf of people?wouldnt it be unfair ? today we are witnessing the rise of
aam aadmi party in delhi,all the candidates of aam admi party comes from different backgrounds.if we try to measure them on our scale of qualification they might dont even satnd a chance but
because we live in a democracy anybody can fight elections to be a part of our government and that is why we saw such a tremendous courage from a bunch of common people.and if we say
u cant be in politics because you dont have any experience of social work,or you dont have that degree or u didnt got that no. of marks in xyz exam than we would have never ever been able to wintness
such a pure example of honest politics by aam aadmi party.
now i wanna ask a realy significant question to all my opponents? suppose if shri anna hazzare decides to contest…

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