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It255 Final Exam Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide
1. Which of the following is an action that could damage an asseta. Risk
b. Threat
c. Data transfer
d. Information assessment
Reference: p62. Which law requires all types of financial institutions to protect customers’ private financial information?
b. SOX
Reference: p93. An AUP is part of a layered approach to security, and it supports confidentiality. What else supports confidentiality?
a. Threat monitoring
b. Vulnerability assessments
c. Data classification standards
d. Security awareness policies
Reference: p144. Which of the following is a detailed written definition of how software and hardware are to be used?
a. Policy
b. Standard
c. Procedure
d. Guideline
Reference: p40
5. Which of the following is not a common type of data classification standard?
a. Guideline
b. Top secret
c. Internal use only
d. Private data
Reference: p426. What does a lapse in a security control or policy create?
a. Policy violation
b. Penetration testing
c. Risk mitigation
d. Security gap
Reference: p1337. Which of the following is any weakness in a system that makes it possible for a threat to cause it harm?
a. Risk
b. Backdoor
c. Vulnerability
d. Exploit
Reference: p968. Which of the following terms refers to the likelihood of exposure to danger?
a. Threat
b. Risk
c. Vulnerability
d. Mitigation
Reference: p119, 1219. Which type of attacker intends to be helpful?
a. Gray-hat hacker
b. Black-hat hacker
c. Script kiddie
d. White-hat hacker
Reference: p8810. Which domain is primarily affected by weak endpoint security on a VPN client?
a. Remote Access Domain
b. LAN Domain
c. Workstation Domain
d. Systems/Applications Domain
Reference: p97-9811. Identify two phases of the access control process.
a. Identification and authorization
b. Policy definition and policy enforcement
c. Knowledge and…

When I was a child. Changes

There are something changing over time but something is not. I remember that when I was a child, I love drawing pictures, singing and watching anime. I am not used to drawing or singing for a long time because of my talent is not good, so it makes me feel bored quickly but I still love watching anime. Why I love anime even I am 20 years old now?
The first reason is its content. Anime substance maybe about natural, war or fictional story and by watching it I can realize some massages. For example, in anime “My neighbor Totoro”, the message I have received is “Nature is Man’s family” or in “Pom Poko” , I can draw the basis message is that “Urbanization should be accompanied by nature conservation. Because of each our house is built means that part of animal natural house is lost”. Some massages are also about love family such as “Above all, family love is still beautiful, solid and the
most perfect prop for each of us” from anime “My neighbors the Yamadas” or in anime “Spirited Away” I can know “Love from family and sincerity with friends will help us overcome all difficulties”. In fact, there are many anime convey meaningful messages and from that I can draw some good lesson. This is why anime is not only for children but also for adults. Furthermore, I love anime because it is a best way to relax. When I feel stress about my work or my life, I often watch anime. Why I don’t do anything different? Why is anime but not film or game? Just because anime make me feel relieve.
Every time I watch anime, I do not like to think about other things. I want to take all difficulties
behind and watch anime, feel and relax. My mind goes to blank and just concentrate on its content so
that I can have more time to relax. After that I can sober enough to solve the remaining problems. The
final reason is anime attach to my childhood. I still remember when I was a little girl, every afternoon
I wait for the anime I like with eagerness and suspense. If I remember…

The best way to learn a foreign language

1) The best way
The best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself in the culture and live with native speakers, which is often expensive and time-consuming, if not downright impossible. So, the second best way is to simulate the situation as much as possible — and this, YOU have control over. During regular academic quarters, you will be asked to complete mini projects that will expose you to Korean people, language and culture. You will also be asked to meet with at least one language exchange partner (native Korean speaker) to practice Korean twice a week. The UW Korean Language Program’s language course schedule is usually really packed so the role of language partners is crucial. When getting a language partner, find someone who attended or graduated from at least high school in Korea. Also, if you are finding someone through the UW English Language Program, try to get someone who is placed to a low level of English. To request a language partner, contact the English Language Program (206) 543-6242, (2) Before starting a new chapter:
This is actually a good time to test your current comprehension of all the lessons covered in the past. First, read the “Conversation” sections of the textbook, as well as the “Narration,” without using any references to see how well you understand what you are reading. When you see a new grammar pattern, GUESS what it may mean and move on. Once you go through all the texts, go back to the beginning and read them again; this time by checking whether your guesses were accurate or not. It helps to have a general idea of what’s in the new chapter when the teacher explains them in detail.
3) Learning the vocabulary:
a. Take one sheet of notebook paper and fold it vertically in half TWICE (making four even columns).
b. Neatly write the Korean words in ?? (Hangul) in the far left column and write the corresponding English translations in the…

Emt Paper

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 9. Our Careers Grow with You
It’s not unusual to hear our staff say they’ve been with us for 20, 30 or even 45 years! Having a career in Ambulance can be like having 10 or more different careers over the course of a lifetime, with each career path suited to your current interests and work/life balance requirements. Perhaps Extended Care Paramedic, Lauren Cowgill best sums this up. “A career in Ambulance gives me a great work/ life balance,” says Lauren. “I enjoy the opportunity to pursue other interests such as travel and sport. Ambulance allows me to do that, while also developing my career. I’m only 29, but I already feel I’ve been able to explore so many avenues within Ambulance and I’m excited about all the other opportunities open to me in the future.”
10. You will make some Lifelong Friends
Given the type of work we do, it’s inevitable that close friendships will form with those people you work with. Intensive Care Paramedic, Craig Watkins joined Ambulance 11 years ago and reflects on the friendships he’s made over the years. “After 11 years I still love what I do. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some amazing people and I get to work with some of my best friends.” This job doesn’t end when your shift finishes – the friendships you make will carry on over the course of a lifetime.
10 Signs You Should be an EMT
Becoming an EMT is a popular career choice. Before choosing to become an EMT, it’s best to determine if this career choice is right for you. Picking a career based on salary alone is never the right decision. Picking a career choice because other people want to you to is also a poor reason. The old adage is true, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Choosing to become an EMT should be choosing to pursue a personal passion.
Becoming an EMT is admirable. Providing medical is a…

Ebonics Debate

Louis Etcheveste
Ebonics Debate
The language we speak is a crucial part of our identity. It is the language of our families, our country, and our state, even our neighborhood. People have been killed for speaking the language of their forefathers. My father’s family speaks Basque; a language that was prohibited in Spain while my grandmother grew up. Despite being imprisoned for speaking their language the Basque people secretly taught their children their language. It is not the language of Spain but it is their language. A Persons identity is directly related to their chosen language. In England everyone speaks ‘English’ but each area has his or her own distinct accent. These accents offer clues as to the economic status and educational level of the speaker; this is also true in the United States. Native Californians speak a different dialect than someone from Mississippi. Yet we all live together in one country. In December of 1996, The Oakland school board made a very bold move, one that will forever leave its mark on education. The Oakland school board approved the use of Ebonics or what linguists refer to as African American Vernacular English (AAVE). Linguists and the Oakland school board recognized Ebonics, as it’s own distinct language. The language of Ebonics is most commonly spoken in inner cities consisting of a high population of African-Americans. The term Ebonics originates from two words ebony meaning black and phonics, which means sound. Combined the term means black sounds and refers to the urban language of African Americans.( Williams ) There are many opponents who claim Ebonics is not its own language, instead they refer to it as “ Lazy English, Bastardized English, Ghetto slang” and so forth.. Currently, our inner city kids are scoring dismally on standardized testing. We need to find a way to connect them to standardized English not because their language is somehow inferior but because it is through language that one…


It was 40 years since Australia and the People’s Republic of China established diplomatic relations in 1972. It is an event we celebrate because it was a foundation stone in the history of our two countries. Since that day, 21 December 1972, interaction between the people of China and Australia has blossomed in all facets of human endeavor.
Trade has grown dramatically, of course. But most important, unprecedented numbers of Australians and Chinese are visiting each others’ countries for business, to study and for adventure. These people-to-people links have fostered increased understanding of our respective cultures grown from unique histories and geography.
Australia and China have both changed a great deal in the 40 years since diplomatic relations were established in 1972. On first glance, the changes in China, economically, socially, and politically, are more dramatic. But Australia is also a very different place compared to 1972. Both countries’ economies have enjoyed comprehensive reform in the last few decades and seen real benefits to their societies.
The 40th Anniversary was a chance to reflect on the evolution of the relationship over the past 40 years. It was also an opportunity to build and strengthen that relationship. The Australian and Chinese Governments both share these objectives.
And both countries are looking to the future. It’s a future in which economic challenges abound. Australia needs to plan for a smart economy beyond the resources boom. China is turning from its export and investment led model to an economy driven by domestic demand and a bigger services sector to underpin its continuing development. There’s plenty of scope for mutual benefit beyond the resources trade. By 2020 China’s middle class will number 670 million – a huge group of newly prosperous people keen to travel and study overseas. This is a great opportunity for Australia, but also for the people of both countries, to build closer relationships and…

A Historical Reading of “Words”

A Historical Reading of “Words”
In Amiri Baraka’s “Words” the reader is made privy to the inner voice of a man as he struggles to move from his past , “now that the old world has crashed around me” (Baraka 34), and reflects on what he will become, “the purpose of myself , has not yet been fulfilled” (Baraka 34). The imagery used by Baraka in the beginning paragraph paints this inner voice as a dark and lonely place starting with the beginning line that states starkly that it is raining. Throughout the story Baraka continues this imagery with the repetition of words such as cold and alone.
Taking a closer look at the biography of Baraka, specifically the events of his life in 1965, illuminates the story “Words” and sheds light on his portrayal of the protagonist’s thoughts of being cold and alone. In the year 1965 Malcolm X, a major contributor to Baraka’s political beliefs, is assassinated. Baraka abandons his white wife and close knit circle of fellow writers, thus making a clean break from white society and the traditional white writing style. “Words” is more than just the story of a man’s internal struggle with change. “Words” is the story of Baraka’s shift from a beat writer in a white society to a writer with a defined political stance centered in Black Nationalism. Baraka is revealing through stream of conscious narration his own thoughts as to why he made this abrupt shift and compelling the reader to stand up and do the same.
The opening line of “Words” states that Baraka’s “old world has crashed” (Baraka 34) around him. This line offers an immediate parallel to the author’s life. Everything that he thinks he knows is now changing. But what could spark such an abrupt change? According to the Norton Anthology of African-American Literature edited by Henry Louise Gates Jr. and Nellie Y McKay, a trip Baraka took to Cuba in 1960 was the start of this shift. Baraka is quoted as saying “Cuba split me open…a turning point in my life” (Gates 1937). It was…

Functions of Management. Opinion essay

Management to me is about setting goals, and making to possible to be able to achieve the goals you set in place. To do this you must have the skills required to reach the goals that you have set before you. There are four functions of management that one can use to successfully achieve his/her goals, these functions are; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These functions can be used to achieve goals within small businesses to large corporations. I have yet to use these functions in the career that I have chosen but I can apply them to the goals that I have set for myself in the career that I am striving for.
In my opinion planning is the most important of the four functions in management. I believe for a manager to be successful they must be able to plan. Being able to plan around the pressures and constant changes in the organization can make planning sometimes difficult. There are different kinds of planning, According to “Four Functions of Management” (2013), “Examples of planning are strategic planning, marketing planning, business planning, succession planning, project planning, sales planning, etc.” I work for Fifth Third Bank at the corporate office in Cincinnati, Ohio and planning is an integral part of my work day. I have to be able to set aside time to put in all of the referrals or sales from my phone calls and make my daily spreadsheet of my phone calls and how they were interpreted. I am not the only one who has to plan, my direct manager also has to be able to plan out his day and be able to handle helping 16 people underneath him. Since we work for an inbound call center dealing with checking and savings accounts he has to plan his meeting around our call volume, which leads me to the next skill.
The second function in management is organizing, in my opinion you cannot be good at planning unless you have good organizational skills. Organizational skills are something that is severely needed in the management position of any bank….

The Value of Life

Obama Care
By: Crystina Parga
Work Cited
Armstrong, Lance, and Sally Jenkins. It’s Not About The Bike; My Journey Back to life. New York: PenguinPutnam, 2001. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet.
What is the value of life? That is a question many people ask themselves, or others. There really is no right or wrong answer. Everyone has a different opinion, perspective, or personal experience. I believe the value of life has so many meanings and differences. I do believe people should not take life for granted, because we all have one life, and if we mess it up then that’s it. Some people don’t know the value of life, until it flashes before their eyes, just like Lance Armstrong did. In “It’s Not About the Bike: My Jouney Back to Life” by Lance Armstrong and Sally Jenkins he says, “I want to die at a hundred years old with an American flag on my back and the star of Texas on my helmet, after screaming down an Alpine descent on a bicycle at 75 miles per hour”, (paragraph 1). He is saying how he would want to live his life and how he would like to enjoy it. He also talks about how he would race on his bike and how every time he would get injured he learned how to take the pain.
During his racing days, he was enjoying his life, doing what he loved to do, winning metals, all of it. When he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he took it and became stronger. He never really understood why he got it. Armstrong says, “Good, strong people get cancer, and they do all the right thing to beat it, and they still die”, (paragraph 11). Not only did he believe cancer was for people who were strong but also people who do nothing wrong get it. Armstrong didn’t understand why it had to be him, it was something he had to deal with. Not only did the cancer go to his testicle, but also the cancer spread to his lungs, abdomen, and brain.
Armstrong didn’t think he was going to live, but when the cancer was gone he questioned why he was alive. Not that he wasn’t…

Personal Statement for University

Personal Statement
XXX University
I am NAME, and I’m currently an undergraduate student attending both Quality Leadership University, which is a branch of the University of Louisville Kentucky and Florida State University, both located in Panama City. I am currently in my second year of college, finishing all my general education courses and extremely interested in attending XXX University to pursue the career of CAREER.
As a child my family had always told me education and knowledge are the most important things. I’ve always had full support from my parents and family, and when it comes to anything concerning my education. They continue being a source for my motivation. I am the youngest in my entire family and the first one on the road to go on and finish college. Graduating from college was my grandfather’s dying wish. So not only for my own benefit, my grandfather’s dying wish continues to be a motivation booster in my everyday life. My family encourages and helps me to take part in school activities, with their encouragement in High School; I became the president in my senior year.
I consider myself an open minded person, eager to learn from different racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, which make me easy to get along with others. I thrive to learn more and more. Over the years I have developed high levels of responsibility as a young adult, organization skills, motivated to learn, hard worker and easy to get along with, which I believe are some great qualities of my part. Some things about how I see my social behavior on campus would be quite simple. I am very much into sports and a very enthusiastic supporter. I do see myself supporting the University team every games and do my best to elaborate in other ways. Other things I do like doing is trying to research all the doubts I may have to clear my thoughts. Reading interesting books, or even articles or magazines are one of things I do in spare time.