Birth Control

A Modest Proposal for Papa’s Princess That Is Pushin’ Puberty: Why Parents Should put Their Daughters on Birth Control When They’re Able to ReproduceHarold LloydSouth Shore International College Preparatory High School3rd PeriodMs. CurtisA Modest Proposal for Papa’s Princess That is Pushin’ Puberty: Why Parents Should put Their Daughters on Birth Control When They’re Able to Reproduce “Mom, what’s contraceptive?” The most startling question a daughter could ever ask her parent. That gut wrenching, heart pounding question no parent is ever looking forward to answering nor explaining, especially to their 16-year-old princess. Barely of age to touch the stove, choose her own clothes for school or order a pizza by telephone without your credit card, the baby girl you once knew isn’t a baby anymore. No matter how innocent her walk is or how childish her giggle may be, she’s noticing the differences in her body; and is gaining a different perspective of culture, people, activities and life as a teenager. Although you aren’t emotionally, mentally or morally prepared for the challenges that come with bra shopping, “aunt flow”, and the boy talk, she necessarily might not be either. However, the consequences and realities of the modern day societies beliefs will come into fruition just as fast as she’s developing into a mature and curvaceous young lady, whom will attract plenty attention from the opposite sex. A parent’s job is to protect and inform their offspring of the pros and cons of “becoming a lady” and unfortunately, sex is one of them. The possibility of STD’s and teen pregnancy is prevalent in the 21st century more than ever before. Providing your child with the basic necessities to stay safe and alert in this day in age isn’t at all a bad or immoral thing to do. First, if proper precautions are taken by teens that are able to reproduce, the spectrum of negatives that come with sex are that much more limited….

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