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Doosan Baik
Business HL Lorence
Case Study Homework
a.   What is meant by “social responsibility” in the case study? (underlined above) (2)
Social responsibility in “Shell” refers to their obligation to serve the society for their well-being, which they commenced numerous actions to show their commitment to responsibility. Although they were being reeled from protests over being unethical, they took the time and effort to prepare reports to pressure groups and also researched a way to process renewable energy.b.  Outline 4 ways Shell could try to improve the ethical behavior of it’s employees.  (4)Training Programs for Employees: Employees will gain the skills necessary for doing their job properly, as well as learning what is right for the business, which will make them more aware of the fact that their actions may affect the firm’s future.Write a Code of Conduct: Instead of just heading into work immediately after getting recruited, if companies were to develop a code of conduct, the employees will be clearer of rules and regulations of the firm. This will lead to accurate actions from the workers.Set-up an Awareness Campaign within the Company: Even if the campaign is small, and being just inside the firm, introducing new methods and theories to workers on how to act ethical will make a big impact, as employees will realize the importance.Keep the Staffs Motivated: When employees are motivated, their actions tend to be more accurate and careful. This may not directly improve the ethical behavior of the employees, but may affect them over time. This can be done with extra payments, enthusiastic supervisors, and a clear set of goals for employees to strive for.c.  Analyze the advantages and disadvantages to Shell of setting and implementing socially responsible and ethical objectives. (6 marks)

Setting and implementing socially responsible and ethical objectives, as it happens to most companies, may improve corporate…

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