In doing my body project I found that there is a lot more than I like about myself and I dislike about myself. When listening to others present their projects I also found the statement above to be true. The major things I dislike about myself are outer beauty issues. I don’t like the size of my hips I don’t like the size of my thunder thighs and I don’t like the size of my chicken wing triceps. I also don’t like negative thoughts that run through my mind. These negative thoughts have a lot to do with my outer appearance. Some of the other negative thoughts have to deal with all of the stress in my life and where I will end up in the future.
What I like about myself is my skin. I love the color in the summer the winter the spring and the fall. I love the color of my eyes and how the color of my eyes change with not only my mood but they change with each season. I love my hair and the fact that I am able to do what ever I please with it, like changing the color and the style as I please.  I also really love myself and my life. I love all the fun that I have and all of the trips that I take. I love my randomness I love that I was able to go skydiving. I love all my adventures and have so many adventures planned for the near and distant future.
My injuries are great in the physical wife I have broken both of my breasts and have plenty of other scrapes, bruises, and scars over my lifetime. My biggest injury that I have been faceless was losing my dad. Even though I have lost others in my life he is the only one that I wish were here today to watch me and correct me as I grow and live my life. I would also love to still be able to travel with him because I knew that one thing that he loved to do the most.

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