Breaching the Security on an Internet Portal

Breaching the Security of an Internet Portal Nursing Informatics Breaching the Security of an Internet PortalIn the case study presented in Wager, Lee, and Glaser (2009), Kaiser Permanente, an integrated health system, serving over eight million patients in nine states, introduced an online patient portal known as KP Online to service patients for appointments, prescription refills, seek professional advice, and participate in patient online discussions. (p. 467-468). According to the case study, in the year 2000, programmers wrote a flawed script that actually concatenated over 800 email messages containing individual, identifiable, and private data to nineteen members that enclosed actual and private information about other members. Kaiser became aware of the security breech when two members who had received other patient’s private information in their email, notified the organization. Kaiser realized that the incident was a significant breach in confidentiality and immediately made a crisis team.
A personal information security breach occurs when personal information is subject to loss or unauthorised access. Security breaches involving personal and sensitive information including medical records, social security numbers and date of birth have significantly grown over the last few years. Denyer, C. (2010). Commonly, these types of personal information security breaches are not malicious actions, such as theft or hacking, but frequently transpire from internal errors in following information handling policies, causing unintended loss or release. However, the likelihood of theft has increased in recent years due to the potential for fraudulent use especially of financial data for that additional reason, security needs to be maintained. (“Health Records Take Beating on Security,” 2012, p.13).
Organisations have obligations to have network-security infrastructure in place that must be secure at all times to…

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