China Through the Eyes of a Foreigner

China Through the Eyes of a Foreigner |
By Muhammad Hasham Ul Mulk 72256103Submitted to: Mr. Sun |
A short account on what foreigners (who don’t know much about it) think of China. It sheds light on the common misconceptions and stereotypes that most people end up believing and also helps clarify these misconceptions by means of facts, figures and examples. |
|IntroductionMy name is Muhammad Hasham Ul Mulk and I belong to Pakistan. I am a foreign student studying Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in Beihang International School. This is my first year in China and being a foreigner I can personally relate to this topic. Before coming here I had a very different image of China. I thought no one would be able to speak English and all of the Chinese people work all day and eat noodles and practice Kung Fu when they have free time. I also thought that the people would be racist and would not like foreigners that much. All I knew about the Government was the name of Moa Zedong and that it was non Democratic (communist).
To sum up I knew very little about China and most of what I knew was not true, but I took some extra steps to get to know the people and learn more about this country and its culture. In the process I realized that a lot of the things people used to say about china were not true. Know I believe I know enough so I wanted to write about the misconceptions that foreigners have about China.
With the beginning of the 21st century began a new era. Although America was the super power but China started to climb up the ladder. The constant growth of China shook the world. The World Bank’s chief economist Justin Lin in 2011 stated that China may become the world’s largest economy in 2030, overtaking the United States, if trends continue. The Standard Chartered Bank in a 2011 report suggested that China may become the world’s largest economy in 2020. James Wolfensohn, former World Bank president, estimated in 2010 that by 2030…

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