Civil Rights Movement

MAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement
By Daniel Zoccali
The African-American Civil Rights Movement encompasses social improvements in the United States whose goal was to end racial segregation and discrimination against black americans and enforce constitutional voting rights to them. Many happenings revolved around the civil rights movement were of relevance or caused by repercussions of con?ict. The Civil Rights movement was undertaken to ensure rights for black americans in the 1950s – 1960s. Con?ict grew from this as both black and white Americans had a clash of various ideas as how a racial society should run. In September 1958 Martin Luther King Jr. leader of the American Civil Rights movement was stabbed at a book signing by Izola Ware Curry an African-American woman who was unhappy with Martin Luther King was not helping the African-Americans but dooming them to further abuse and oppression. These con?icting viewpoints caused con?icts and paused the civil rights movement because not all African-American agreed with their supposed leaders viewpoints opinions and dreams. People’s responses to con?ict vary, some may shy away from a battle while others will stand for their dignity, pride and rights. A person’s response to con?ict will plan out what will happen next in any situation. In the civil rights movement many African-Americans fought back for their dignity, pride and rights as a race. Rebelling against those who oppressed them. However most of the time this resulted in further oppression against African-Americans as they were framed for abusing the lifestyle of an American society in the 1950s-1960s. Con?ict occurs between the powerful and the powerless. In this case the powerless, African-Americans were oppressed by the powerful, white Americans unjustly. As a result of the constant oppression, mistreatment and unjust behaviour laid upon the AfricanAmericans were forced to rebel to defend their dignity, pride and rights as citizens of America. The…

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