Cloud Computing

1) When deploying a cloud system in an organization that has traditionally not used cloud computing
a) What are steps that you would recommend b) What are the variables about the organization that help you determine your deploymentThe step that I would recommend in deploying a cloud system in an organization that has traditionally not used cloud computing would be understanding current infrastructure compared to infrastructure in the cloud. With the current infrastructure there is licensing of software maintained and new software acquired licensing. When using the cloud service company the licensing of software would go through them instead of through your company. Another aspect would be the constant need for additional space. With current software and the space requirements of even a simple spreadsheet would take up room on your server. Based on the number of employees and each of them wanting to manipulate the data in that spreadsheet causing them to have their own copy, that would eat up space on your own server. The cloud option is quite a better one because you would share documents easier and if more space is required the cloud service company would be able to accommodate your needs easier than you going out and purchasing additional servers. Then, eventually, it will become old and outdated. If current infrastructure could suffice with what you are trying to do than the current infrastructure would be great but with that comes the notion that all upkeep of your current infrastructure would be maintained by yourself. With the infrastructure that the cloud has to offer would be maintained by the service company providing cloud services to you. This would not only be the capacity to store more but also the ability of the service company to install updates to software easier. I mean easier as the cloud computing company could update products without any loss in service for your company. If you decided to update software within your…

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