Compar and Contrast

Compare and Contrast: Apple and Oranges
Fruits are very important for people to stay healthy. They can form any part of a meal – appetizer, main course, dessert or beverage. Aside from the nutritional value, fruits also provide essential vitamins and minerals that can strengthen the immune system or rejuvenate the cells in the body. Apples and oranges are two of the most popular fruits in the world. Although both of them are delightfully delicious and appetizing, there are distinct characteristics that make them different from each other. Apples and oranges both are said to have originated from Asia: apple from the central parts of the continent while oranges from the southeast regions.
Apples and oranges are both tree fruits, grown commercially in large orchards. Oranges are tropical fruits while apples are temperate. Apples grow in more temperate climate with temperatures ranging from sub 0 to 80 degrees and up throughout the year. Apples can be made into apple juice and oranges into orange juice. Apple juice does not have pulp, while orange juice contains pulp. Both fruit can be made into sauce, however, the pulp and peeling from oranges is used in sauce. As well as eaten from the tree, apples are also both pressed into apple juice or pureed and processed into applesauce. Oranges are also a tree fruit, often grown commercially in large orchards. Oranges need a warm climate where temperatures do not approach freezing to be able to grow. Like apples, they can be eaten from the tree, squeezed into juices or processed into orange sauce. Unlike an orange where you peel the outside skin, you eat the skin on an apple.
Applesauce only contains the pulp of the paired apple. Apple can be canned of juiced and this is the most common form of consumption. Apple wine as well as a couple of alcoholic beverages constitute of apple and its extracts. They are used in many of the deserts. Apple sauce, apple jelly and apple butter are few more products that have apple as a…

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