Compare and Contrast

Many heated arguments have been started over the concept of cats are better than dogs or dogs are better than cats. Many people think that there is nothing in common with the two while others think there are some distinguishing characteristics that both have in common. There is no right answer to the question which one is better.
Cats and Dogs both love to lounge around the house and be lazy. Cats love to find the weirdest spots to be like on the refrigerator or on cabinets and Dogs will end up under a lot of things like the kitchen table or right under your recliner. Cats and Dogs find that the best spots to lay are right on top there owners no matter if they’re in a chair or if they’re laying down. Both are lazy sometimes and energetic other times all depending on their mood.
In addition to their habits around the house Cats and Dogs love to get exercise. They both have different kinds of toys to play with. Toys for Cats and Dogs have to make noises like a bell for cats or a squeaker for dogs. Cats have their scratching post and dogs have chew toys. No matter what the toy is Cats and Dogs always have and find ways to exercise and stay active.
With all the things Cats and Dogs have in common they have even more that they don’t have in common. Cats normally don’t like or get taken on walks but Dogs love to be taken on walks. Dogs are way more aggressive than cats and mostly have the size advantage. Cats manly get free roam of the neighborhood whereas Dogs stay fenced in to the owner’s backyard. Dogs go outside to use the bathroom and Cats have a litter box inside to go to the bathroom. Dogs love getting wet and taking baths while cats hate water and also hate taking baths.
No matter what your answer is to question you can never be wrong. It all depends on your personal preference or even sometimes your allergies. But whatever pet you do have always show it love and it will return all that love back tenfold. People will always be arguing…

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