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“As Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.” (Kafka, 89) This is how Kafka begins his short story “The Metamorphosis”. Kafka allows the reader to experience the same sudden, though ghastly, realization of the metamorphosis. The sentence begins with the mundane and ends with the bizarre. The first part “As Gregor Samsa woke up one morning” seems perfectly normal. This could be any story and it could be any person waking up any given morning. This is followed by: “from uneasy dreams.” The reader begins to wonder now about these dreams. Were they nightmares? What did Gregor Samsa dream about? Why is he having uneasy dreams? Then next part continues with “He found himself changed in his bed.” Now the reader begins to become suspicious as suspense builds even within the sentence. There is tension now in the words. The reader has seen a perfectly common Gregor Samsa go from casual sleeper waking to a somewhat troubled individual to now a subject of a transformation. The reader now is perhaps even hesitant to read on, afraid of what he might find. The sentence ends with “into a monstrous vermin.” Finally, the building tension transforms to bewilderment.
Immediately thrust into what seems to be the middle of a story, the reader immediately asks the questions: who and why. Who is this Gregor Samsa? Why is he a vermin? The reader subtly has the answers to what, when, and where. What is Gregor Samsa? He’s now a vermin, an undesirable unclean animal. The when must be: while he slept. And the where must be: in his bed. Yet even though some questions are answered implied in the text, overall the reader does not know much about this Gregor, but is rather forced to accept the fact that he is now a vermin. Kafka leads the reader in the very same path that Gregor experiences, allowing the reader to become involved in the narrative even though the reader seems to be a mere witness to…


European Imperialismflaws in Europe’s dominance in the 18th and 19th centuries can easily be noted, especially when examining Asia, Africa, and India; the consequences, in some cases, including death by the thousands. Therefore, due to this and other severe actions during their domination of the world, Europeans should be condemned for their abuses of power. The first nation which will be discussed is China. England had two major reasons for their interest to civilize China: first, Chinese silver was desired by the empire because of its high value. Second, Britain had a surplus of Opium, a drug grown in India, and it needed vast numbers of people to purchase it. China traded peacefully although reluctantly with Britain, until the government noticed the negative effects of the drug on its people. The opium trade was then outlawed promptly by the Chinese government. The substance, however, was still smuggled into the country. The Chinese government confronted the British regarding the smuggling and this sparked the Opium War. Britain pummeled the inferior naval force and won the altercation. Now, Britain was not only free to corrupt the Chinese people with their opium, but they added a colony to their empire: the large, rich port city of Hong Kong. This abuse of the people for their own personal gain is a clear demonstration of one of the many flaws in European dominance. The second country that the British Empire abused was Africa, and specifically Sudan. Sudan was not a military, economic, or political threat to Britain. It was blocking, however, British domination of Africa and preventing the gain of more political power for the empire. Therefore, it had to be conquered. The Sudanese population was largely Muslim and resisted English rule. It wanted to be governed by people of the ethnic majority and would fight to the death to rid the world of evil. At first, the rebels were successful. Later, the British incorporated into the war a weapon of mass…

Legalizing Marijuana

Kayla HammondLegalizing MarijuanaMarijuana comes from the cannabis sativa plant. This psychoactive drug has the reputation for causing hallucinations, disorientations, and also feelings of exhilaration and anxiety. Aside to the fact that it helps medically it would help out the government tremendously. They could use it as a gateway to get money and d help decrease out 14 trillion dollar debt hole that we have gotten ourselves into these past few years. Last but certainly not least, it would keep the crime rate down and keep citizens out of jail alongside with that the cops that we use to catch all of these drug crimes could be used doing something else rather than busting people for marijuana. For these reasons, I believe that Marijuana should be legalized in the United States.
Medically Marijuana does so many positive things for the human body; I do not know how it has not been legalized in every single state already. It’s only legal for medical purposes in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. That is only 20 out of the 50 states in this country. This same drug has been found to relieve symptoms of diseases of serious magnitude. Asthma, glaucoma, and muscle spasms are just a few. It has also been found to relieve a loss of appetite and nausea due to AIDS wasting syndrome and chemotherapy treatment. Although this drug has a bad reputation, it has become a major source of relief for many terminally ill patients, as well as people with mental disorders such as depression and Bipolar disorder. Having it be illegal in those 30 states makes it so much more difficult to get ahold of it for medical purposes because Doctors are so careful who they give it out to, and the prices for medical marijuana is off the charts. Marijuana helps the terminally ill lead better quality lives….

Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO’s: More Than Public Health
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GMO’s: More Than Public HealthIntroduction
The advent and use of genetically modified crops has taken place over a span of many centuries, most likely alongside the advancements in agriculture. Genetic modification in earlier times consisted of seed preservation, with farmers preserving the seeds with powerful survival, resistance and production skills for their use. Genetic modification in crops saw and increased interest, control and research based on the work of Gregor Mendel in the 19th century. This led to the practice of the phenomenon of ‘Conventional Modification’, in which geneticists interbred species with close resemblance to bring forth new hybrids which were more efficient and had numerous beneficial variations from their parent plants. Relative to the current population’s need, the United States Census Bureau predicts (on the basis of collected information) that there will be a 50 percent rise in the need for food in 2030 along with the population increasing from 7 billion to 9 billion by the year 2050.
Conventional genetic crop is highly dependent on environmental factors and susceptible to them. To overcome such hurdles, the technique of genetic engineering has been applied to isolate desired genes and insert them into crops to gain desirable traits and variations. The genes possessing desirable traits may be isolated from a variety of sources which include other plants, bacterial or viral organisms and completely non-related organisms whose genes can be modified and later inserted into the rice crop’s genome to obtain intended results. Moreover, creation of artificial genes is possible. The addition of new genes extends the gene pool and provides an extensive diversity and potential for rice breeding and cultivation (GENETIC MODIFICATION OF OUR FOOD: SAFE OR DANGEROUS 2000).Discussion
Climatic factors…


John Chris Fletcher
Mrs. Rhodes
US History
12/02/13Summary Electoral CollegeOpponents of the Electoral College are disturbed by the possibility of electing a minority president. Nor is this concern entirely unfounded since there are three ways in which that could happen.
One way in which a minority president could be elected is if the country were so deeply divided politically that three or more presidential candidates split the electoral votes among them such that no one obtained the necessary majority. This occurred, as noted above, in 1824 and was unsuccessfully attempted in 1948 and again in 1968. Should that happen today, there are two possible resolutions: either one candidate could throw his electoral votes to the support of another or else, absent an absolute majority in the Electoral College, the U.S. House of Representatives would select the president in accordance with the 12th Amendment. Either way, though, the person taking office would not have obtained the absolute majority of the popular vote. Yet it is unclear how a direct election of the president could resolve such a deep national conflict without introducing a presidential run-off election a procedure which would add substantially to the time, cost, and effort already devoted to selecting a president and which might well deepen the political divisions while trying to resolve them. A second way in which a minority president could take office is if, as in 1888, one candidate’s popular support were heavily concentrated in a few States while the other candidate maintained a slim popular lead in enough States to win the needed majority of the Electoral College. While the country has occasionally come close to this sort of outcome, the question here is whether the distribution of a candidate’s popular support should be taken into account alongside the relative size of it. This issue was mentioned above and is discussed at greater length below.
A third way of electing a minority president is…


Write a letter to me describing about yourself in 4-5 paragraph? Describe as many things as you can about you.
Dear ms.Fuereila
Hi miss fuereila. I am Prashanta koiraa. I was born in Nepal but have recently migrated to America. I am from Francisco middle school. I have got 4 member in my family my sister, me and my parents. My mom is the person who shaped me who I am today and knowledge and helps given by my dad helped me keep that shape of mine.
I am a student who likes to have more and more friends to help me out and get chance to help them. And I think I am pretty good at explaining stuff rather then writing them. I am trying to learn new words and improve my writing. I want you to use new vocabulary and tell its meaning so that I can use them in my writing and make them better. I want to learn more and more about writing paragraph and essay.
In this first semester, I want to learn about taking good notes from video, audio or text. I want to be able to write best note which could be written from a source. I am willing to learn it because I think it will help me while taking notes in college. The better notes I take the better I understand and get good grades in college. And I think thing learned by me about space has hooked me up. I love reading about space. I have always wished a teacher to teach us without any boring activities in class.
I will try to be my best in class. You can expect everything a should have from me. I expect my classmate to keep their hands to themselves and respect other’s property. I would expect this class to be one of my best class. I have always found English class as my best class.
I would like to be known as quite a good student. I like participating in class. As participation gives point hopefully I will get good grades in this period. I am going to try and change the habit of getting distracted by small things in class. I don’t have any complaint or disagreement in any rules of class, I am…

Paying Attention

Paying AttentionFour-year-old Diego is playing in the pool. His mother, Darlene, is sitting in the sun beside the pool. She is reading a book. At least, she is trying to read a book.
“Hey Mom! I am swimming!”
“Yes honey, you are swimming.”
” “Mom, are you watching me”Yes, honey. Of course I am watching you!”
Diego is trying to splash water onto her book. She is trying to ignore this.
“Mom! I am holding my breath under water.”
The book is getting really exciting. The police are solving a crime. Diego’s mother is trying to concentrate.
“Mom! You are not even watching me!”
“Yes, Diego! I am watching you and I am reading a book. I am doing both things at the same time.”
“Mom, are you paying attention? I am doing a handstand.”
In the book, the police officer is chasing a suspect. Diego’s mother is hardly breathing.
Diego is being quiet for once. Too quiet. Suddenly, Diego’s mother is looking around for Diego. She cannot find him. Suddenly, time is standing still. Suddenly, she isn’t breathing at all.
“Diego! Diego! Are you hiding from me? Diego! You are not being funny!” She is trying not to panic. She is walking around the pool, looking in the water.
Out of nowhere, Diego is standing right behind her.
“Diego! What are you doing?” Suddenly she is crying and hugging him tightly.
“I am making sure you are paying attention, Mom!”
“Well, I am paying attention and now we are going home!”

Art Essay

Review Sheet for Final Exam (Fall 2012)Proto-Renaissance:
Artist: GiottoTitle Name: The LamentationBook Image Number: 12.9Artist: GiottoTitle Name: Madonna Enthroned
Book Image Number: 12.10
Northern Renaissance:Artist: CampinTitle Name: Merode AlterpieceBook Image Number: 13.3Artist: Van EykeTitle Name: Arnolfini PotraitBook Image Number: 13.6
Artist: Hieronymus BoschTitle Name: The Garden of Earthly DelightsBook Image Number: 13.9Northern Renaissance:
Artist: MasaccioTitle Name: The Tribute MoneyBook Image Number: 14.7Artist: DonatelloTitle Name: DavidBook Image Number: 14.13Artist: BotticelliTitle of Work: The Birth of VenusBook Image Number: 14.16
Artist: BrunelleschiTitle of Work: Dome of the Florence CathedralBook of Image Number: NONEHigh Italian Renaissance:
Artist: da VinciTitle of Work: Last SupperBook Image Number: 15.2
Artist: da VinciTitle of Work: Mona LisaBook Image Number: 15.3Artist: MichelangeloTitle of Work: DavidBook Image Number: 15.8Artist: MichelangeloTitle of Name: Sistine ChapelBook Image Number: 15.9Artist: RaphaelloTitle of Work: School of AthensBook Image Number:15.12Artist: TitianTitle of Work: Venus of UrbinoBook Image Number: 16.11Baroque:
Artist: CaravaggioTitle of Work: Judith and HolofernesBook Image Number: PPTArtist: GentileschiTitle of Work: Judith and HolofernesBook Image Number: PPT
Artist: BerniniTitle of Work: DavidBook Image Number: 18.10Artist: VelasquezTitle of Work: Maids of HonorBook Image Number: 18.14
Artist: RubensTitle of Work: Rising the CrossBook Image Number: 19.2Artist: RembrandtTitle of Work: Night WatchBook Image Number: 19.11
Artist: VermeerTitle of Work: Woman Holding a BalanceBook Image Title: 19.18Artist: PoussinTitle of Work: Landscape with St. John on Patmos
Book Image Number: 20.3
Artist: BerniniTitle of Work: Piazza in front of St. Peter’s BasilicaBook Image Number: NONERococo:
Artist: FragonardTitle of Work: The…

Body Image

If you had the chance to change your body, would you take that chance? Most people would say yes, I know I would. Millions of people have a body image issue. They think they should follow society’s set of expectations and have a “perfect body.” There are lots of flaws when people go out of their way to be perfect. This applies to everybody meaning both men and women. People don’t realize that they don’t have to look like an Abercrombie model or a Victoria’s Secret angel. Not everybody has the same body type, hair, face, etc. The point is, people shouldn’t have to go out of their way to fit into society’s expectations when it comes to their body because everybody is different.
I think one of the main problems is the psychological problems that come along with people. Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge eating, depression, etc., are some outcomes of what could happen when a person becomes too self-concious and concerned with how their body looks. The pressure society puts on people is very alarming especially when people have other problems of their own. A question I would like to propose is why are people forcing themselves and others to have a certain body type? In my opinion, I think people are only doing that to feel good about themselves. If anybody ever tried to make you feel bad about your body, my best advice would be to distance yourself from them. Nobody should ever put you down. It’s concerning that people would just always think that what others say is always right and let it develop into a mental issue.
Being concerned about your body image doesn’t have to particularly be a bad thing. It could be used as a motivation to be fit and healthy. But the thing is, if you’re going to get thin and fit, do it for yourself and not for anybody else. If you did it for somebody else you would lose all meaning of what you’re doing; your effort would be a waste. So let me ask you again, if you had the chance to change your body, would you?


Dignity is what makes up a persons character. In the gulags, guards try to manipulate the prisoners by keeping them away from their dignity. During his time in the gulags. Shukhov learns how to survive; by hiding he’s dignity from the soldiers. “ Shukhov said nothing. He didn’t even nod. Pulling his hat over his eyes, he walked out.”(Solzhenitsyn,1963,pg.19) This is one of the many ways Shukhov tries to keep his dignity.
One of the many ways the guards tried to manipulate the prisoners. Is by giving them numbers; in a way to recognize them. Guards try their best to scare the prisoners, so they won’t have an idea to rebel on them. Another factor of how the guards try to manipulate the prisoners, is by taking their faith as well. They do this by taking time away from them. For example, Sunday was the only day off for the prisoners, and they would dedicate themselves to pray. The guards didn’t like that at all, so they made Sunday a working day as well.
Prisoners feel ashamed of themselves. Especially when they have to get naked in the cold. “ You’ve no right to strip men in the cold.”(Solzhenitsyn,1963,pg.28) Their dignity gets taken away. The prisoners have to starve themselves through the whole day. Once they get to dinner; It takes dignity to not rush, and devore the bowl. Prisoner Fetyukou got beaten up for licking other peoples bowls. Shukhov who still tries to keep his dignity. Always takes his hat away before eating; and takes his time to finish he’s bowl.
Shukhov, who knows better than anyone else. Learns how to to survive in the gulags by hiding and controlling his dignity from the soldiers. He shows that the only way to maintain human dignity is not through outward rebellion, but through developing personal beliefs. This beliefs help him get through, from the humiliation that the guards tend to give him.