Popularity of Beats by Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre beats are the epitome of what’s hot in this generation. Everywhere you go, you can’t help but catch at least one person wearing a pair of the headphones. Several people had similar opinions on these expensive headphones on why they’re so popular and why they choose it over cheaper headphones with similar quality. It was two reasons that most people could agree to. They look good and they’re different from all other headphones, and they’re made by Dr. Dre who’s a music legend.
Buying and wearing these sets of headphones is like associating yourself with real music. Since I have a pair of solo beats myself, I agree with the people’s reasons to having beats. They’re comfortable, bass is amazing, and they make a strong fashion statement as they can pose as an accessory to your outfit.
Dre Beats are worn everywhere. Here at Dr. Phillips, there are numerous amounts of people with beats in a variety of colors and the type of Dre beats being used. The common ones being worn here are the solo’s, solo HD’s, and the studio’s. People who have studio beats here usually get them because they look better than the solo’s or there more versatile in it’s color customization. That and it comes with noise cancellation. People who prefer the solo’s or HDs like me think it’s better because it’s lighter, cheaper, smaller, and doesn’t need batteries like the studios.
Beats by Dre overall is just a proficient way of listening to music and another way of styling. It’s signature and overloaded bass alone is enough to persuade someone into buying some $200 or more headphones. As of now, no other headphones in the market are as hot as Beats by Dr. Dre are.

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