Nowadays education became a very important part of people’s life, because the higher education you have the better and well paid job you get. Of course it is everyone’s choice to go to college or university, or just take some professional courses, but it will definitely matter what degree you have and what your paycheck is going to look like. Personally, I think it is important to attend college or university and get your degree for several different reasons. Among these are career preparation and making new friends. It is definitely nice when while getting your degree people also make new friends, which they can not only discuss college life with, but also can get an advice from and sometimes college friends stay friends for life.
It is necessary to mention, that improving knowledge helps people to get higher education and better job. Most students attending colleges and universities get not only theoretical strategies, but the most important is that they also have an opportunity to use them in practice. According to New York Times 80 % of the students with bachelor degree or higher level of education get their first job offers in less than four month after graduation. Sometimes colleges help their students to find a job. My friend, for example, got her first job offer two months after she graduated college.
Also it is worth to mention, that college or university is the best place to meet people from other countries and find out more about their cultures. It was always interesting for me to meet people from all over the world and chat with them about different things, for example, such as differences between education model of their home country and in the United States, or their personal experience of getting on track and putting things together here, while being far away from home and family.
Likewise it is a good way to make friends and gain more experience by joining different organizations as well. When I was the student of one…

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