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What was the happiest moment in your lifeAR asked 4 years ago last updated 4 weeks ago
I usually answer questions but I wanted some feedback. Think about it; weigh your options. The happiest moment? A place or space in your life where time seemed to stop dead in it’s tracks for you. Just for you so that you could absorb every good thing that that minute, second, hour…whatever it was had to give you. That one occurrence that seemed to make all the bad **** in your life worth it, or at least, lessen the pain some. Open your hearts and please tell me all about it. Thank you! ~AR
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My happiest moment was when I found someone to love me. It seems so horribly unoriginal but it was more than just finding a husband and falling in love it was recieving that reward of completeness. We don’t realize just how empty we are until we find that one person who helps you see how much you’re worth. Shows you what you’re capable of. I thought of sucide, running away, vanishing i hated my life and myself, but then i was rescued. Now the arms of my husband are a strong hold, his shoulder is a resting place, his eyes are a haven full of beutiful things, and his voice is a sweet caress in times of lonliness. All of this may seem like such a bunch of bull **** but the day I found him was the day I started living. I’ve been happy ever since. Please don’t think me to cliche-yed. : )
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Best AnswerVoter’s ChoiceJenny answered 4 years ago
When I learned that the world is not so big and that I was strong.. I went through this depression phase and sometimes I do feel like the world is not worth it anymore.. But I found someone amazing who is willing to support me through thick and thin and I think there are many happiest moments in my life.. Not just one.. I am only fourteen but I have so much knowledge within me.. I feel like I have learned so much and when you are loved and supported you see ordinary things…

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