History Facts

1. Name the four European counties that started the Age of the Exploration and their reasons(s) for starting thos event. The four European countires that began the Age of Exploration were Spain, Portugal, Endland (Great Britian) and France. Thery were all four stronf starting nations and their crusaders were on a were all truly on a mission for the unkown world of exotic spices. The first reason the ventured out was to bring back “spices”! Secondlyin this age and even way back when this Age of Explorations started was to bring back revenue. The third reason of this adventure was to spread religion. Spain and Portugal was really “big” on spreading the word of Christianity. France and G. Britians mission was aslso to find a place to worship “freely”.Young men were sent out for the adventure and also to find glory in a New Owlrd – their were inspired to find their own identity and to gain wealth.2. Explain the Treaty of Tordesilles and all involved with the treaty. When Mercato (cartographer) drew the map of the new world, Spain claimed it as their “big chunk of land”. Well, The Portugese wanted it also and this caused a big dispute between both nations. The Pope became the mediator and it was Spain who received the West hald (od the imaginary line running North and South through the mid-Atlantic) and Portugal who received the East. The Treaty of Torsidelles was agrred upon between Portugal and Spain to clear up all confusion about the new land/world and offer them both land there; which was later recognized that Spain received way more land than Portugal.3. Name the first 2 “permanent” English colonies, and their development at the beginning of their existence. The forst two English colonisies were the colonies of Jamestown and Plymouth. These two colonies began with the King of England giving two joint stock companies permission to invest in a colonization in the New World. The real purpose was only for profits! The two companies…

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