History Review

Review Final Exam, Fall 2013 Hist 130, T. Neary1.A foreign policy strategy of the U.S. during the 1930s (pre World War II).
2.This correspondence indicated that Germany wanted Mexico to declare war on the U.S. in 1917.
Zimmerman Telegram
3.This reform process allows anyone with enough petition signatures to place a measure on the ballot.
Hescoft gereal
4.Form of government in Hawaii before annexation by the U.S.
5.This president proposed the idea of the U.S. building a Panama Canal.
-Teddy Rosa-vale
6.This president used the U.S. army to disperse the Bonus Army from Washington, D.C.
-President Path Hoover
7.Teaching the theory of evolution resulted in this trial in Tennessee.
Scope trial / Monkey trial
8.This New Deal legislation paid subsidies to farmers.
AAA agricultural adjustment act
9.He was the Supreme Allied commander during World War II.
-Isaac hower
10.1943 riots in L.A. between U.S. sailors and Hispanic youths.
-soot soot project
11.The Supreme Court case of 1954 that finally outlawed segregation in public schools.
brown vs board of education
12.The leader of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
-Co Chi Mien
13.His pardon of Nixon probably cost him the presidential election of 1976.
-14.This incident in 1960 caused the Soviet Union to cancel the summit meeting between Eisenhower and Khrushchev.
-the u-2 incident
15.This C.I.A. planned attack on Castro’s Cuba in 1961 was a total failure.
-bay of pigs
16.The Soviet Union’s alliance with Cuba led to this crisis that many thought would lead to war in 1962.
-The cuban missile crises island
17.He is the author of The Great Gatsby.
-f Scott fitz Gerald
18.This president proposed the Fourteen Points as the peace treaty to end World War I.
-wideral wilson
19. He is the author The Sun Also Rises.
Hanging wot
20.This senator’s name became synonymous with the second “Red Scare”…

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