How to Skillful Manage the Flame Intensity of Rotary Kiln

There are many factors that can influence of rotary kiln flame intensity, and the flame intensity includes hard and soft of flame, direction, and luminance. Ideal flame must ensure that the height of heat exchange can be performed on the whole flame length, and also are not allowed producing local overheating. Rotary kiln should be with hard flame direction, that is, from the kiln head hard and strong observation of flame, the flame cutting edge effectively extends in the direction of preheater, and not weak in rotary kiln, erratic or divergent state.Flame color, luminance and the color of the rotary kiln flame red, kiln production, quality will be lower. In actual operation, the temperature of flame can be judged by the color of the flame, according to the observation of kiln”s skin color to determine the material of the firing temperature. When the flame color and kiln skin color level is not clear, the calcining zone temperature is normal.1. As a rotary kiln operator, we must first learn to see the fire. See he flame shape, the length of black flame and flame brightness and whether smooth, and see whether the clinker knots, and the material height and the condition of roll and how much material will be fed, to see the skin roughness and thickness of kiln crust in the calcining zone.2. Pre-calcining kiln should be upheld both before and after operation, the precalcining system combined with kiln head calcining zone are considered, to raise fast transfer rate. On the operation, carefully protect the ups and downs, fire force it, it is forbidden to run raw or stop the kiln.3. Monitoring the temperature and pressure change of the kiln and the precalcining system, the O2 and CO content change in exhaust gas and thermal system changes in the system. To ensure the complete combustion of fuel, reduce yellow heart material. Make the clinker grain and becomes small together as far as possible.4. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the clinker production, maintain…

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