Ict Case Study

1. How important is the reservation system at airlines such as WestJet and JetBlue? How it impact the operational activities and decision makingWestJet and JetBlue are two airlines companies that provide outstanding customer services and low-cost and competitive airfares to their customers. Reservation system is very critical for these companies as they are dealing with customer service and customers rely on their service. WestJet and JetBlue have grown rapidly since 1999, which rendered their existing information system obsolete, including their reservation systems. Even though there are many risks involved in the upgrading of this system, it will offer multiple business benefits.
It can increase the productivity of these airlines by reducing the time it takes for reservation agents to complete using automated processes. It will help increase the revenue by increasing the sales by optimising the distribution of selling classes at your point of sale. It will improve the customer satisfaction as it will speed up the servicing and save time for the customers. In the past few years customers are depending heavily on airline reservation systems to book tickets, reserve seats, online check-in etc. As mentioned in the case study, in case of WestJet, we have seen the effect of delaying to switch to a latest and reliable system. It is very critical for WestJet and JetBlue to rely airline reservation system to increase the revenue and their customer service.
The impact of airline reservation system on decision making and operational activities are massive, as it has made the accounts between other airlines more efficient as everything can be done online. These systems have helped in the growth of airline companies because of faster service times, which leads to increased customer satisfaction. Since customers can do everything online like plan, book, reserve seat and also pay online. On the other hand customers could also get annoyed and frustrated, if the system…

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