Information Use

Information Use
By Christina NollOrganizations use information in many ways. The needs of an organization will determine how the organization uses information. Some information used by organizations come from external sources to help increase profit or to improve the organization. Other organizations use internal information to help improve the work environment. Information is also used for making important and informed decisions in an organization. In today’s organizations, the information necessary for making these decisions is more accessible than it was in prior years, therefore these decisions are made more quickly and are more reliable.
Information flows differently in organizations, depending on the needs of the organization and the types of information systems used. Some organizations use e-mail and other communications to transfer information to their employees and to their customers. Some organizations will use memos, newsletters, or letters to get the information to the appropriate people. Some organizations will also use weekly meetings to get information to the appropriate people. Information flow controlled in the above ways can help with the security of important and confidential information.
At the USPS there is a large amount of information used in different ways. The USPS places address information into an information system used by the machines to sort and organize the mail so that it goes to addresses in the same area or zone. They also use scanners to scan the mail into and out of the facility. They use this information to track the location of the mail and also to track the volume of mail coming into and going out of the facility. They use the volume information to determine when they will need to call for overtime to facilitate the larger volume of mail.
The union at the USPS uses information they gather from speaking to employees and from the organization, to write the contracts, improve the work environment, and to be…

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