Since way back when it has always been taught the key to success is education. Africans came to America with no education and they were forced to continue to live a quiet life where they could not learn anything but what their masters taught them. They lived in a world where only the white people knew reading and writing; the only thing Africans had was their faith that they had kept with them from generations to generations. There was a big change in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation. The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson explains the struggles of the African American community.
Schools were made for African Americans separately from the white people. Even though they were allowed to have an education it was not to have them become in any way equal to or better than white people. African Americans had to understand that they are being given an education to only help them in their community but in the bigger picture they could never be more successful because of the color of their skin. They were taught by white people and African American professors the same materials that told the students that they would not amount to anything. Even in historically black universities their history was to be taught in support that the whites were superior. Their education educated them that they were to stick to being the minority; their race would never surpass whites.
With the white people controlling the school systems, they provided the materials they felt were suited for the minds of the African American students. They controlled how they wanted the nation to shape by allowing the white people to progress and continuing to enslave African Americans, but this time it was mentally. African Americans could be as smart as or even smarter than a white person applying for the same job position but still not be hired. African Americans were taught that it is wrong of them to think that they are worthy enough to be in any…

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