Language Arts Questions

Language Arts Rationale Paper
1. What is the purpose of Language Arts? ( 1 point)
2. How are the four major areas of the Montessori curriculum supported by the Language Arts? (2 points)
3. Please define the role of the teacher in the context of the Language arts area. (2 point)
4. Please describe how the Language Arts materials support the needs of the child in the classroom. (2 points)
5. Please describe the ways in which writing and reading can be incorporated throughout the classroom. Use examples from the training program and your classroom experience. (2 points)
6. Please describe the ways that listening and speaking skills are nurtured in a Montessori classroom. Please give examples. (2 points)
7. Please describe the ways that writing and reading skills are nurtured in a Montessori classroom. Please give examples. (2 points)
8. Please name the direct aims and indirect aims of the Language Arts activities and materials. (2points)
 Language Arts Written Examination
Please include a cover page of your paper. (1 point)
1. Give three examples from Practical Life and three examples from Sensorial of materials that prepare the child for handwriting. Describe how these activities support the development of the hand for writing skills. (3 points)
2. Describe the reading sequence in your practicum classroom and compare the difference to that presented in the Language Arts manual of the training program. (2 points)
4. Give one example of control of error within a pre-reading activity and one in the reading materials. (2 points)
5. A prospect parent is asking when his/her child is ready to write. How would you explain to the parent based on the Montessori philosophy? (2 points)

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