Write a letter to me describing about yourself in 4-5 paragraph? Describe as many things as you can about you.
Dear ms.Fuereila
Hi miss fuereila. I am Prashanta koiraa. I was born in Nepal but have recently migrated to America. I am from Francisco middle school. I have got 4 member in my family my sister, me and my parents. My mom is the person who shaped me who I am today and knowledge and helps given by my dad helped me keep that shape of mine.
I am a student who likes to have more and more friends to help me out and get chance to help them. And I think I am pretty good at explaining stuff rather then writing them. I am trying to learn new words and improve my writing. I want you to use new vocabulary and tell its meaning so that I can use them in my writing and make them better. I want to learn more and more about writing paragraph and essay.
In this first semester, I want to learn about taking good notes from video, audio or text. I want to be able to write best note which could be written from a source. I am willing to learn it because I think it will help me while taking notes in college. The better notes I take the better I understand and get good grades in college. And I think thing learned by me about space has hooked me up. I love reading about space. I have always wished a teacher to teach us without any boring activities in class.
I will try to be my best in class. You can expect everything a should have from me. I expect my classmate to keep their hands to themselves and respect other’s property. I would expect this class to be one of my best class. I have always found English class as my best class.
I would like to be known as quite a good student. I like participating in class. As participation gives point hopefully I will get good grades in this period. I am going to try and change the habit of getting distracted by small things in class. I don’t have any complaint or disagreement in any rules of class, I am…

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