Love, and Then Be Loved

Nowadays,it ‘s not rare for teachers to complain that their students are indifferent to others.Some are even worried that the young generation might become too selfish to shoulder the due responsibility for the future of China.To be sure,many of our young people cannot see eye to eye with this.However,from my direct observations as an university student,I must admit that we young people today are in general more self-centered and unsympathetic than our previous generations.To start with,many,if not most,young people choose to attend exclusively to their own needs.In their eyes,it is all too natural to seek satisfaction from what they do,even if it may cause inconvenience to others.Take my dormitory for example.It’s a common scene here that a roommate cheerfully talks to his girlfriend on the phone at midnight when others are struggling for a sound sleep.One may complain now and then,but to no avail.In fact,except me,the others live the dormitory life much in the same way.When I take a nap at noon,they often play cards without regard to my need.Life is a joy to them,but they often enjoy it to the neglect of others’feelings.In sharp contrast,our caring parents always pay heed to our needs and those of people around them.Whenever my father comes home late at night,he tiptoes in for fear that he might awake the family.Whenever my mother goes downstairs to morning fair,she always walks quietly lest she should disturb the neighbors.Moreover,our young people tend to be insensitive to others’ difficulty.When a classmate falls ill,few people offer to help;instead,they regard it as none of their business.Some students in my class come from poor family,but they are active mobile phone users,who may spend per month twice as much as what their parents earn from arduous labor.When asked why they behave so,they answer that their parents have the obligation to pay the bills.Personally,I detest their answer,for I know my parents never thought that way when they were…

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