Management Structures

Management StructuresMGT/230
April 1, 2013
Management Structures
Week three the class discussed and learned various topics of management. Discussions included the relationship between organizational structure and functions. The class learned about the importance of organizational structure and considering the best structural fit. The significance of management’s role in delegation. Lastly, how the roles of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Board of Directors (BOD) differ and how the two organizations to be competitive and prosperous.
The organizing function of management comes after planning and helps in the achievement of results. It is the process of bringing together physical, financial and human resources, and developing productive relationships between them. The organizing process involved identification of activities, classification of grouping activities, assignments of duties, delegation of authority and responsibilities, coordinating responsibility, and authority of relationships.
Organizational functions are activities performed by an organization. These activities are divided into departments, which are headed by managers. All functions need to work together to achieve the goals of the organization. The departments need to have good communication to share ideas and resources uninterrupted. Organizational structures set the guidelines for the organizational functions (departments).
One of the core concepts of management learned this week was structural management. Traditionally organizations structured their companies through what is known as a vertical structure. While this structural method worked many years ago, it no longer fits all organizations as many organizations are becoming too large and complex to properly manage with a vertical and functional structure. Through the evolution of management, organizations have adopted a structural method known as horizontal structure. Horizontal structure includes a…

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