Marriage a Mere Business

MARRIAGES BECOMING MERELY A BUSINESSMarriages has moved far from the traditional thought of setting up an alliance which is particularly meant to preserve their heritage for generations, to the act focusing more on the benefits that they get when they gets into a marriage alliance. Rather than marriage alliance the term strategic alliance ideally suits the situation. We have often heard about a menace called “dowry” when people talk about marriage, this is one of the darker side of the business deal involved, when two parties tie up for a marriage alliance.
The process begins with the arrival of a proposal, whether it be from girl or boy ‘s side. With the help of various factors like age,occupation, family status,financial status the estimation of business proposal begins. The proposal is generally kept by the boy’s side and is up to the other side to negotiate by listing the benefits they have to offer in return when this alliance succeeds. The proposal comprises of adhering to all formalities done when a business buying process is initiated,so this is how we can link a conventional business process with marriage. the earning capacity,job status,property share,property worthiness etc are listed and calculated to decide how much worth is the person and to have an alliance with him how much the girl’s side has to offer. The general term used for this offering is “dowry”. The dowry amount is negotiated with the similar worth estimation of the girl’s side. Sometimes the situation can become cheaper than the bargaining that happens in an open market.The feelings of the people getting married are often ignored and they becomes a mere witness for an out cry where they just realizes that their bidding is going on. it shows the state of evolution of the sacred institution called marriage, how pathetic it is!!
In this era when people are more bothered about digging out a business from everything that they confront with,Its high time that we business students take…

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