Modern Day Technology: Beneficial or Detrimental

Today’s technology has completely altered our lives and the way we once lived. Not long ago it was considered absolutely unreasonable to think everyone would own a cellphone whereas now it is unreasonable if you do not. Modern technology has been incredibly influential and beneficial to our society. Technological advancements such as organ transplants, robots and artificial intelligence are saving lives daily. However, some would say that most technological advances have been all but beneficial to society arguing that it is “dumbing down” Americans. Both sides have been studied and solidly argued by many.
Technology has been and will continue to grow nonstop. One new invention that is catching a lot of attention recently is the 3D printer. One can actually print a working three dimensional object such as a hammer, a rubix cube or anything one can think of. Recently someone actually printed out a working car by printing and assembling each individual part. With all of these unimaginable things becoming a reality, it is beginning to be just as difficult to remember where technology has come from as it is to imagine where it is going. Author Paul Boutin, in his article “A Technological Revolution”, explains that in 1954, Dr Joseph Murray performed the first ever successful organ transplant. “It was more than skillful surgery” (Boutin). Today around twenty five thousand Americans per year receive new organs. Also in 1954, the first “robot” was created and “five years later, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded its Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in a quest to mechanically mimic human minds as well as hands” (Boutin). None of which would even be possible without advancements in medicine and in technology. Technology is not only making things more comfortable and in a sense, “effortless” for humans but it is helping to save more and more lives everyday.
Modern technology is now also affecting the way we, as humans, communicate with…

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