My Magor Fears

My Major Fears
Bow!! That sound might make you freak out, and lose your brain. That sound is what really make that moment a scary moment. That is for a meager people, but other type of people get scary of accident, ghosts, heights, and other thing. I am the type of person who get scary from other things than Bow!!, but sometimes I get scary from Bow!! Also. I have three primary fears which are fear of God, fear of the judgment day, and fear of being asked about something bad or wrong I had done.
My major fear is the fear of God and the day that I will meet him. Those who believe in God, surely are afraid of him and fears him. Surely we should respect him and behave, because we want to be good people. I know that this type of fear applies in other religions, but noticing that Muslims say “fear of Allah (God)” a lot … not hating, just curious! Every religion have a god, and who believes in his God must fear him or selected deity. Fearing God is not like being scared of him as being scared of simple things, but to be feared him as awesomely respecting him.
My second primary fear is the fear of the judgment day. I fear I might be lonely there. That I would stay as a stranger between the whole of humanity; from the first person to the last that existed on Earth. I’m frightened of my life being replayed in front of the almighty. I fear my deeds would let me down on that ultimate day. They thought of this frightening day stimulates the thoughts of submission to God, to recap whole of my life and its deeds. And this reminds me of my ultimate goal in life; to win the days that counts. And that is my second primary fear.
I really get scary when someone asks me about something I did wrong, so what will happen when God asks me? The fear of God and the fear of judgment day leaves me with another fear. The fear of being asked about my life, my deeds, my sins. The day that I would be trailed. Trailed about my deeds, especially punishment I might receive for…

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