National Urbanization Policy

sustainable development Policies
National Urbanization Policy
the creation of cities with a vision which supports harmonious communities and living conditions through sustainable urban development.
Urban growth limit it determine based on it carry capacity for all town in the country, with optimal and balanced land use planning shall be given emphasis in urban development. But, Urban development shall give priority to urban renewal within the urban area and open space and recreational areas shall be adequately provided to meet the requirement of the population in an integrated, efficient and user-friendly public transportation system shall be developed. A more comprehensive road network shall be developed to improve accessibility and mobility for inter and intra urban, other than that a planned, effective and sustainable solid waste and toxic management systems shall be implemented. A sustainable and environmental friendly development shall form the basis of environmental conservation and improve the urban quality of life.NUP 30 : The use of innovative technology in urban planning, development and urban services management.National Urbanization Policies and Strategies Related to Disaster Risk Reduction & CCA :
1. Establish the urban growth limit based on its carrying capacity for each town in the local plan.
2. Impose Social Impact Assessment studies when undertaking the planning and approval of all public and private development activities.
3. Adopt practices in the Manual for Environment Friendly Drainage Design (MASMA) to improve water quality & reduce the risk of floods.
4. Implement the systematic and safe collection, disposal and treatment of solid waste and toxic waste services.
5. Ensure that planning and urban development take into account mitigation measures against the effects of geo-disaster or industrial risk based on the principle of Health for all.
6. Ensure that urban…

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