Recess Safety PlanThe school safety plan is a component that deserves one of the highest priorities in the school; the plan enables the insurance of safety for all the students within the school. There are various problems that are known to occur at any given time, due to these problems, the school deemed it necessary to devise a plan that would enhance the safety of the students in the school. The plan ranges from how the students are transferred from imminent danger and ensuring their safety till they get to responsible arms out of the school. Despite this plan being an important safety plan, a safety plan that covers how danger could be subdued if it happened during recess time.
A plan covering the recess time in the school is deemed necessary as it came to the attention of many that danger can be faced at the times that it is least susceptible to anyone. Therefore, a recess emergency plan was designed according to the school schedules and the time that recess time is normally scheduled. In the recess emergency plan there are additional tasks that were added to those personalities who already cover the existing emergency plan. This was found to be necessary as these people have been through emergency and training. They have the necessary knowledge as they have been part of the school for some time.
For the recess emergency plan to be effective, the support from the various members of the administration will be required. The teachers of the various classes are required to be informed of the plan as they will be required to gradually instill the drills to the class students under their responsibility. There needs to be a time of 30 minutes allocated once per week to be able to take the students through the drills and help them master them. The practical part of the drill will be done once a month as it will take place outside the class rooms under supervision of the staff members.
Yard duty aides are positioned on the playgrounds during recess and can be…

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