1.0 Executive summary
Titan Industries is a 170 million dollar company with 216 employees; it was founded in 1972 by three brothers; Tom, Phil and John Nixon. Titan Industries produce thermoformed plastic products primarily consumed for use in food, medical, and agricultural industries by its consumers. Titan Industries corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing facility is located in Syracuse, New York. The major challenges facing Titan Industries are financial issues and management and leadership issues such as how to increase profit, increase market share, turn around the uncollectible account receivable into collectible account receivable; how to create a happy environment for the employees and quality leadership. Another major challenge facing the production of the plastic firm is the continuously increase price of oil which is the primary component of plastic industries.
An evaluation of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats served as foundation of the strategic plan and marketing plan. The marketing plan will discuss the type of product Titan offer include the new business segment that will be implemented. This plan focuses on the company’s growth strategy, suggesting ways to develop new product and targeting specific market in order to have more edge over our competitors. Furthermore, the plan focuses on marketing strategies that would guide the marketing activities for the product. In addition, it focuses on customer’s satisfaction, increase in growth such as customers growth, and profit growth and market share. In this marketing plan, the team would be discussing the sale strategy and the budget plan for implementing the marketing plan.
Thus, by the end of next year, Titan Industries will be the most affordable, customer friendly and the leading plastics manufacturer in the United State and internationally through the implementation of the marketing plan.
2.0 Vision and Mission Statement…

Vampire Facts

Vampire Facts
1. Wooden Stakes only paralyze a Vampire, they do not kill them.2. Vampires sleep in a freezer, not a coffin or on a bed.3. Sunlight. Vampires can be in the sunlight, but too much direct sunlight can weaken their healing ability and kill them.4. They have super sonic Vampire hearing. Approximatly a 1 mile radius. Also includes telling if someone is breathing or not.5. Their sight is also heightened. They can see things from a great distance.6. They have superspeed abilities. 7. They can not transform into a bat.8. They can jump extremely far distances in any direction.9. If a Vampire is injured too badly, they need the help of blood to heal.10. They have super strength.11. They make for great trackers. 12. They have the ability to smell the past or take a glimpse into the future.13. A Vampire’s Sire is responsible for whoever they turn to help them through the transition.14. Vampire relationships involvng Sires. Some are good. Some are bad. 15. Newly turned Vampires are like feral kittens. If they arent properly taught they can turn rogue and become a danger to other vampires. If this happens, then the Feral Vampire must be killed.16. The only two ways a Vampire can not heal from their injuries are if they literally loose their head, or fire.17. Silver is like poison to Vampires. 18. They can sense other Vampires, and also tell appoximately how long they’ve been a Vampire by how strong their scent of decay is. This is also how a vampire can tell if anohter vampires been around a human. 19. Garlic has no effect on Vampires.20. Crosses are more of a fashion statement if they prefer that sorta thing.21. Holy water just gets them wet.22. The best type of blood for a Vampire to consume is a childs blood that matches their own blood type.23. Vampires have the ability to smell the difference between male and female DNA/Blood, and taste the difference in blood type….

Water Conflicts

It is common knowledge that earth’s surface is made up of over 70 percent water and that only one percent of that water is fresh water available for human needs. The combination of an exponentially growing world population, deterioration of farmable land, increasing industrial demand, as well as lots of other problems has brought about new challenges in the wake of water availability and distribution. Water will always be considered a public good and every human being on the planet has the right to necessary amounts of clean, quality drinking and sanitation water, but the method of distribution that best satisfies this need is now debated worldwide.
Over the past few decades there has been an increasing trend towards privatization of water, that is, at least some of the of water management has been taken from government control and placed into the hands of the private sector. This has been a big talk among human rights and environmentalist fear that making water disputation for profit will cause nothing but harm for everybody. While there have been a few setbacks in water privatization, the improvements in quality, availability, and distribution methods cannot go unnoticed. The goal of placing water distribution into the private sector is to decrease the number of people in the world who do not have access to quality drinking. The increasing growth of privatized water distribution shows that this could be the solution to the growing problem of water availability.
There are many advantages of water privatization. Privately-owned industries often have more incentive and expertise to ensure their businesses succeed, while the government may be politically motivated and prone to corruption. Private companies are often more efficient than governments due to free market competition leading to ‘lower prices, improved water quality, more choice, less red tape and quicker delivery’. Publicly owned companies are “required to be more accountable to the broader…


Subcellular componentsIllustration depicting major structures inside an eukaryotic animal cell
All cells, whether prokaryotic or eukaryotic, have a membrane that envelops the cell, separates its interior from its environment, regulates what moves in and out (selectively permeable), and maintains the electric potential of the cell. Inside the membrane, a salty cytoplasm takes up most of the cell volume. All cells (except red blood cells which lack a cell nucleus and most organelles to accommodate maximum space for hemoglobin) possess DNA, the hereditary material of genes, and RNA, containing the information necessary to build various proteins such as enzymes, the cell’s primary machinery. There are also other kinds of biomolecules in cells. This article lists these primary components of the cell, then briefly describes their function.
Main article: Cell membrane
The cell membrane, or plasma membrane, surrounds the cytoplasm of a cell. In animals, the plasma membrane is the outer boundary of the cell, while in plants and prokaryotes it is usually covered by a cell wall. This membrane serves to separate and protect a cell from its surrounding environment and is made mostly from a double layer of phospholipids, which are amphiphilic (partly hydrophobic and partly hydrophilic). Hence, the layer is called a phospholipid bilayer, or sometimes a fluid mosaic membrane. Embedded within this membrane is a variety of protein molecules that act as channels and pumps that move different molecules into and out of the cell. The membrane is said to be ‘semi-permeable’, in that it can either let a substance (molecule or ion) pass through freely, pass through to a limited extent or not pass through at all. Cell surface membranes also contain receptor proteins that allow cells to detect external signaling molecules such as hormones.
Main article: Cytoskeleton
A fluorescent image of an endothelial cell. Nuclei are stained blue, mitochondria…


Freud and JungBoth Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are famous Psychoanalysis with unique approaches to personality. At one point they shared many of the same theories and had a deep friendship. In fact, Jung was to be heir to Freud’s position as president of the International Psychoanalytic Association. However, Jung developed several new theories and disagreements with Freud. After years of friendship the pair parted in 1913. There were three main areas of personality which Jung disagreed with Freud on–the role of sexuality, temporal forces that influence personality, and the unconscious.
The role of sexuality in personality differed greatly in Freud and Jung’s theories. Freud felt that sex was the single most important force that shaped and guided personality. His preoccupation with sex may have developed from his own personal experiences with it. As a child, Freud developed a sexual attachment to his mother. Through this experience Freud developed the Oedipus complex as Freud cited “Many men dream of having sexual relations with their mothers and speak of the fact with indignation and astonishment.”(921). For example, if a patient dreamt about a long object, Freud would most likely say that it represents the phallus and ultimately sex, while Jung may say that it has nothing to do with the desire to have sex at all but rather the phallic object could refer to strength or fertility. This is where Jung and Freud had their greatest difference. Jung didn’t believe that everything was based so much on sexuality while Freud did. Jung cited “The dreams are obviously reiterating the conscious standpoint minus the conscious criticism.”(935) Furthermore, Freud believed that sex was the basis of most emotional problems. He felt that a normal, healthy sex life was essential to emotional happiness. It is odd, however, that Freud based so much importance in sex when his sex life was very unsatisfactory. Freud became resentful after his wife terminated their sexual…

Bounce Height Equal to Gpe of Point Where the Ball Is Dropped

Science Nick
Lab Report
Will the gravitational potential energy (GPE) of the point where the ball is dropped be equivalent to the bounce heightHypothesis:
If the GPE is greater when dropped from a specific height than the bounce height will be less.
Golf ball
Triple beam balance
Meter Stick
1. Find the mass of the golf ball with the triple beam balance scale in grams
2. Convert the mass of the golf ball from Kilograms(Kg) to Newton’s
3. Drop the golf ball from the given heights on the data table
4. Calculate the GPE of the golf ball by multiplying the mass of the golf ball (in Newton’s) by the drop height (meter’s)
5. Measure the bounce height of the golf ball using a meter stick
6. Calculate the GPE of the golf ball by multiplying the mass of the golf ball (in Newton’s) by the bounce height (meter’s)
7. Repeat step # 5 & # 6 for all drop heights
8. Create a graph (line) from the data collect
As the ball was released from the starting height, the bounce height had less height than the starting height, and the GPE was less when it bounced, and the GPE was greater when dropped from the starting height
As the test shows, the starting drop height has greater GPE, and the GPE of the bounce height is less than the starting height. One reason that the starting height is greater than the bounce height is gravity. Gravity works with the downward direction of the ball, and when the ball bounces, gravity is working against and slowing it down. Therefore the hypothesis is wrong. The GPE of the ball when it is dropped at the starting height is greater than the bounce height of the ball.

Romeo and Juliet

Both of them change and mature throughout the play. We get to have an in-depth understanding about these characters and two or more sides of their personality are seen.
Romeo is a tragic and romantic figure. He begins as a young man entangled in his own superficial notions of love. His interest in Rosaline is passive and non reciprocal in comparison to the more complex and active relationship he develops with Juliet. He’s the young son of the Montague family, around 16 years old. He is very handsome, intelligent, romantic and impulsive. He’s life is ruled by love. He was in love with Rosaline, but then goes into depression when she does not agree to his wishes. This is when he sees Juliet and falls in love at first sight. His feelings always seem to be at extremes.
After marrying, Romeo’s relationship with Juliet becomes even complex and involves many factors other than themselves. An important moment occurs when Romeo encounters his old enemy Tybalt, who he is now related to by marriage. He tries to avoid violence as well, but if he wants revenge he will get it. Romeo eventually responds to Tybalt’s challenge and kills him in a fight after Tybalt killed Mercutio. He’s very good friends with Mercutio, and Benvolio is his cousin. Unfortunately, for this murder, Romeo is banished to Mantua and separated from his new bride. When he receives word, mistakenly, that Juliet is dead; Romeo is devastated and immediately decides to join her. He goes to Juliet’s grave where he meets Paris, and kills him. After that Romeo finds Juliet’s seemingly lifeless body in the tomb and says, “I will stay with thee and never from this palace of dim night. Depart again”. With that, Romeo kills himself by drinking poison. Committing suicide is Romeo’s final and most profound act in his pursuit of Juliet.
Juliet is the beautiful and only daughter of the Capulets. She’s still a young girl when the play begins, not yet 14, as we know by the Nurse “Even or odd, of…

Proposal Ps

“Research paper assignments… [assess] your ability to understand a complex problem in the field, to develop a perspective on this problem, and to make a persuasive argument in favor of your perspective.”
DIRECTIONS: To successfully make your proposal complete questions following this prompt.
1. My inquiry began with this basic question: What is the immediate future of modern war 2. My question is revised so that each of my terms and concepts are specifically defined by the research conducted, and it is: Given the ideas of states relentlessly seeking power to be able to offer security to its citizens, what’s the HAARP’s role 3. My research conducted thus far has lead me to the following hypotheses (or hypothesis) so concluded by an analysis of research data:
a. Perhaps … In order to provide security to its citizens, a state have to be powerful enough. Maybe, this is the roles of HAARP performing weather control.
b. Maybe… HAARP is not being used as the government want us to believe it is. Perhaps, instead of using it to study the weather HAARP is being used to control it.
Below is a brief checklist of what you must include in each section of the paper to successfully complete assignment so as to assess your work. DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT APPROVAL OF THIS STAGE:
1. Introduction… you will write this to hook your reader with a contextual anecdote from a news article of your choice (or some other creative source per your style). Keep it succinct by immediately weaving the significance of the story immediately to your topic generally, and an allusion of the significance for the reader.
2. Problem Statement… this is what a good, series of thoughtful responses to the questions above will become. You want to share the evolution of your inquiry from topic to final question and as many hypothetical outcomes to the question as possible. (This is a mental exercise for your reader—so as to acknowledge the range of…

Process Paper

How to Clean a Trumpet
When holding a trumpet, you’re not just holding a piece of brass, you’re holding a piece of extraordinary history. Starting in the 13th century, the trumpet was believed to be a signaling device in Greece and Ancient Egypt. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the trumpet started to take on its folded form, being able to produce harmonic tone. By the 19th century, the trumpet was now known as an orchestral instrument. The trumpet of this era was in the key of F, and was now louder and easier to clean due to improvements made throughout the years. In order to clean the trumpet, the following supplies will be needed; a large tub or sink, a mouthpiece brush, a long flexible bore brush (snake),a valve casing swab rod, valve oil, slide grease, paper towels, hand towels, a cotton cloth (an old dish towel will do just fine), bleach free dish soap, and polish (depending on the type of finish; brass or silver), and a polishing cloth. There are 4 steps when it comes to cleaning the trumpet; Disassembling and removing parts of the trumpet, cleaning and rinsing, drying off, lubricating, and reassembling the trumpet, and finally shining the trumpet.
The first step when cleaning the trumpet is to disassemble and remove the different parts of the trumpet. Set the mouthpiece to one side on the towel you’ve laid out flat. Unscrew the top valves caps one at a time. Take the valves out and place them in order 1-2-3 on the towel. Then unscrew the bottom valve caps and place them in order underneath the valves. Finally, remove the first, second, third and tuning slides but lightly pulling on them until they are all of the way off the horn. Place them in order to the side of the valves. Next, take a sheet of paper towel and carefully wipe any oil off the valves. Pick up each slide and wipe any slide grease off the tubes. If the body of the trumpet has any inner slide tubes wipe any grease of these also. Now take a corner of the cotton towel and feed it through the…

Exemplification Essay

Skylar GlickBrenda Cotton Writing Across the CurriculumMay 9, 2013Exemplification Essay
Throughout my childhood I had a coach, an idol, and most importantly a father. He taught me everything that I know today. He showed me how to treat people and how to have respect for everyone. My dad is one of the most involved, caring and dedicated individuals I know.
From the earliest moments I can remember my dad was always involved in everything that I loved and enjoyed. We began to share common passions as I grew up which brought us closer and closer together. The one really common goal we shared was to win or have success in everything we did. When I started playing soccer and then baseball he was always my coach. Of course we had our problems on the field together as a father and son but we also had a lot of success and a lot of fun. During our pick up baseballs games in the field adjacent to my house, my dad would always be there having fun along all with my friends and sharing our moments.
Since my family is very competitive and athletic, my dad has always been extremely dedicated to my sports. Even if he wasn’t on the hill or the field coaching, he would have never missed a game or practice. After I had a good game or race, my dad would be more excited than I was about it, and he loved to tell my entire family about all of my accomplishments. As I got older and started at NSA in eighth grade, I had to leave my dad behind. He would call everyday to see how training was going and how I was doing in school. He came to almost all my ski races and came up to Lake Placid every weekend to see me and ski with me. Not many other parents that I know would have driven three and a half hours, both ways, every weekend, to see his son.
My dad grew up in his dads’ car dealerships just like I grew up in my dads’. Just like my father, I learned and followed him around when I was little and looked up to him. He has always been dedicated to…