Chapter 3 Science Chemistry

Nancy H. Wagner Today’s Communities? Individuals are more educated, mobile, and more independent ? But communities are more dependent on state and federal funding for support ? In need of better long-term planning and community organizing due to large size of today’s communities© Today’s communities’ ability to respond to their own problems is hindered by:
? Resources developed at the national level ? Continued concentration of wealth and population in the largest metropolitan areas. Ex. NYC, Chicago, LA ? Rapid movement of information, resources, and people ? Globalization of health ? Limited horizontal relationships among organizations ? Top-down funding for many community programs Funded primarily by tax dollars Managed by government officials Authority for some geographic area Found at several levels
? ? ?
International, e.g., WHO National, e.g., DHHS State, e.g., Ohio Department of Health Local, e.g., Portage County Health Department History? United Nations charter in 1945 established need ? Began April 7, 1948—World Health DayOrganization? Membership open to countries that ratify constitution ? Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has 6 regional offices ? World Health Assembly; comprised of 193 delegates ? Administered by director-general and 9 assistant directors-general Purpose Work? Attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health ? 22 core functions related to health promotion and disease prevention (maternal–child, elderly, mental health) ? Most work carried out in poor countriesgender inequality, lack of education, lack of access to clean water, and environmental degradationMillennium Development Goals (MDGs): Target 2015 – reducing poverty and hunger, tackling ill health, Progress All countries have a primary department or agency responsible for the health of the citizens Department of Health & Human Services? Principal agency for protecting the health…

Famous Thinkers Phl458

Famous Thinkers
The two famous thinkers in the week four Electronic Reserve Readings are Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Bill Gates. Each had separate aspirations and both men contributed a significant amount of growth in the Twentieth Century. Bill Gates and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have gone “down in history as individuals who changed the way the world worked personally, socially, and politically”.
“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most influential civil rights activists and speaker during his time. His visions and goals were simple, yet breathtaking in their scope, the complete liberation of mankind and the elimination of injustices. Laws, which generally inhibited or prevented these objectives, simply had to change and this were the unfinished agenda and challenge for Western democracy” (Dharmaraj). “Honored most for his heroic civil rights activism in the United States” Dr. King was also “a prophet of peace and justice in a world torn by Vietnam” (Newsday, 1992). Among his major “accomplishments, Martin Luther King was a doctor, writer of five published books, a member of the executive committee of the National Association for the” Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), president of the Southern Christine LeadershipConference,” and at the age of 35 he” was “the youngest man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize”.
His I have a dream” speech captivated the hearts of individuals supporting the Civil Rights cause. His solutions and ideas were implemented widely” and had a huge impact on rights amoung the White and Black America. “Dr. Martin Luther King played a pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott, the struggle integrated education, the destruction of racial barriers in the public services, the fight for voters’ rights, the movement of better housing and the rights of workers for decent wages, ensuring success in the destruction of legal and traditional berriers of human dignity” (Dharmaraj). The thousands of marches and protests he led amoung the…

History Repeats Itself.

AICE General Papers
04/10/20131. The daily life of a puritan was really occupied. It started before sunrise and ended at night. Their lives centered religion and followed God’s plan, which was to attend church as a duty of life.
2. Puritans many times wore dark clothing. They believed appearance was for man and the heart for God. Mainly rich people wore black because it was really expensive. As for food, Puritans fished and farmed. They ate vegetables and usually drank wine to wash it down.
3. Some historical facts about the puritans would include: the fact that they believed in witches and their capability in harming others. Also, if they, Puritans, were found to be guilty, they had to be consequenced. Their punishment was death.
4. In the Puritans society, the female role was for women to work inside the house and outside for the garden. They were not allowed to vote nor opinion-ate in church.
5. The puritans attitude towards life was that the bible was everything. They believed in the existence of devils and witches. An example of superstition of the puritans, in The Crucible, included puritans believing that the forest was the home of the devil, simply because it contained mystery. So, they claimed it to be pure evil.
6.Important people in puritan colony were: William Bradform, who helped survive Indian attacks. Also, Squanto, who helped with the relationship between the natives and pilgrims.
7. One of the many main reasons that distinguish between pilgrims, puritans, and Quakers is pilgrims believed in predestination. Whereas for Quakers, they believed all people who did the right thing would go to heaven. The Puritans believed only their group would go to heaven.
8. The way witches were identified was by having a series of hearings called a “Salem Witch Trial”. Common methods of punishment for witchcraft included hanging and burning.

A Critical Review of Twain’s “The Damned Human Race”

A Critical Review of Twain’s “The Damned Human Race”
Around the turn of the 20th century, Mark Twain wrote “The Damned Human Race”, a short essay that was later posthumously released in his anthology, “Letters from the Earth” (Twain). Throughout this work, Twain uses satire and flawed reasoning in an attempt to assert that humankind is in fact not the highest species, but the lowest, having “de-evolved” from the other animals. Twain wrote this essay at a dark time in his life, when he was experiencing both financial issues, as well as the loss of his wife and daughter, causing his feelings of negativity and extreme pessimism to clearly show. Twain’s lack of credibility, generalizations, and false dilemmas, are all reasons why he fails to prove his point and do little more than to briefly entertain the reader.
Train’s credibility to assert the claims he makes throughout “The Damned Human Race” can easily be called into question. It is well known that Mark Twain was most famous for his works of fiction, such as “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, and “The Prince and the Pauper”. While obviously a very talented writer, Twain was not, however, a biologist, zoologist, or genealogist, nor was he particularly known for his scholarly works. The entire essay was presented using a great amount of satire and sarcasm i.e. not the way a scholarly work would normally be written (Twain). Twain states that his claims were based off of actual experiments in the London Zoological Gardens. It at first appears that some of them could have actually been conducted, although not by Twain i.e. testing to see if an Anaconda would kill more than it could eat and determining that it would not. He then, however, goes on to talk about more outlandish experiments such as locking an Irish Catholic, Scotch Presbyterian, Turk from Constantinople, Greek Christian, Armenian, Methodist, Buddhist, Brahman, and Salvation Army Colonel in a cage together and…


Graphing functions using the TI-84 Plus
We present instructions for graphing functions using the TI-84 Plus calculator (similar instructions apply to other calculators).In general, there are 4 steps:
1. Enter the formula for the function you wish to graph using the Y= editor.
2. Set the viewing window.
3. Graph the function.
4. Adjust the viewing window, if necessary.Example. Graph the function f where[pic] The 4 general steps become:Step 1. Press [Y=] to display the Y= editor. Type the formula for f as shown in Figure 1. Make sure to use the “variable” key [[pic]] when entering the variable x.
Step 2. On the first try to graph this function, we will accept the default standard window, so we don’t set any parameters this time.
Step 3. Press [Graph] to obtain the graph shown in Figure 2. Note that the graph is difficult to read near the origin, so we will adjust the viewing window next.
Figure 2Step 4. Press [Zoom] and select Zoom In from the menu that appears. Simply scroll down to Zoom In and press [Enter]. Move the cursor to the origin on the graph. Press [Enter]. Now, the graph shown in Figure 3 appears, and the behavior of the graph near the origin is clear.
Figure 3The viewing window is adjustable and the window parameters used in Figure 3 may be seen by pressing [Window]. These parameters are shown in Figure 4. The viewing window is defined by [pic] and [pic] The distances between tick marks are Xscl and Yscl for the x and y axes, resp.
The viewing parameters may be set manually by editing the existing values. For example, if the viewing window parameters are set as in Figure 5, then the graph of Figure 6 results when [Graph] is pressed.
Figure 5
Several special viewing windows are available on the Zoom menu. These include: Standard window which has [pic][pic] Decimal window in which the horizontal…

“Protect Your Data from Layoffs” by Bill Roberts

September 12, 2013
MAN 3021 – Human Recourses Management
In the past couple of years, companies have been more attentive to the importance of information security. Protecting and enhancing the value their company’s information and IT systems have become a vital strategic objective in most businesses, following only to making profits. Information security is not just a simple matter of having usernames and passwords. Regulations such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB), Basel II, Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and various privacy/data protection laws execute a great range of obligations on businesses. Therefore, companies have to not only protect themselves from Cyber-attacks but also from employees. Here are some recommendations to better help businesses to detect any suspicious behavior as earlier as possible and also to better protect their data.
Something to Think About
In 2008, a survey was conducted with individuals who either voluntary or involuntary left their job. You’ll be surprise to see how many employees leave and still are able to access the company’s data months after they were long gone. 59% of those surveyors said of keeping or taking company’s information with them and 24% admitted that they could still access the company’s network for a while after they were long gone.
Policy Basics
The best way for organizations to protect themselves from data thefts is to adapt certain best policies. Here are some suggestions as stated by Don Harris, president of HR Privacy Solutions in Delhi, N.Y.:
* Recognize the seriousness of the threat.
* Devote additional security resources to meeting the increased threat.
* Identify, prioritize and protect the information assets of greatest importance.
* Tighten or restrict access to such assets before layoff decisions.
* Remove access to systems and files as soon as workers are told…

Fmcg Personal Care Industry Analysis

Submitted by: Group2Section A | Indian institute of management, indore | Industrial Awareness-FMCG-Beauty and personal Care in India |Table of Contents
1.1. Beauty and personal care shows no signs of slowdown 2
1.2. Beauty and personal care becomes more gender-specific 2
1.3. New launches and promotions intensify the competition 2
1.4. Independent small grocers maintains its lead, whilst direct selling increases further 2
1.5. Beauty and personal care is expected to show consistent growth 2
2.1. Celebrity advertisements/endorsements show no signs of slowdown 3
2.2. Consumers’ love for skin whitening intensifies 4
2.3. Online retailing takes off 5
2.4. Manufacturers continue to focus on brand extensions 6
2.5. Innovation and new claims emerge as the new mantra 7
2.1. Beauty and personal care shows no signs of slowdown
* This category continued to show consistent growth in terms of value in 2012
* Main drivers of growth :
* Acceptance of higher-priced products with new claims by urban consumers
* New consumers in second and third-tier cities continued to show greater interest in self-grooming.
* The leading companies introduced products in smaller pack-sizes and innovative pack formats to leverage consumer base in second-tier cities and stimulate their interest and desire to try out such products.
2.2. Beauty and personal care becomes more gender-specific
* Main drivers of growth: Urban men becoming increasingly appearance-conscious, and looking for male-specific products.
* Leading companies such as ITC and HUL introduced range of male-specific bath and shower products, apart from the already growing range of men’s skin care products which were available so as to capitalize on the growing opportunities in this category.
2.3. New launches and promotions intensify…

Effects of Smoking

The Dangerous Effects of SmokingEnglish 101
There are hundreds of ads that you see against smoking, and how it causes death among millions of people each year. But when it comes down to the health risk it can cause, a lot of people don’t really think about it and it doesn’t give a good reason to quit smoking. When people see ads on T.V, they tend to disregard the information that is provided for them, not thinking that any of the health risk, that because illness from smoking could happen to them. Smoking harms your body in every way and a lot of people do not put the risk factors into play when it comes time to thinking about it. Tobacco smoking is more dangerous than any other form of pollutant that is around you at this moment. People who are smokers, tend to ignore the warning labels on packs of cigarettes, and they don’t tend to read the dangers of smoking, and what long term effects that it can have on your health.The reason why for the purpose of this essay is to give detail on the effects and long term consequences of smoking , with mentioning the illness that are very well possible to develop , personal hygiene , appearance , and the expense of a habit that can do bodily harm to you in the long run.Smoking leads to: illnesses, death, financial consequences, and also make you a higher risk for health insurance, and life insurance.One of the first effects to smoking is that it excites people that smoke, and after being in a routine after a while with smoking, everything around it becomes more of a habit than anything. People who smoke usually have bad breath, smelly clothes, and a cigarette smoke odor on their fingers. People who smoke inside homes, cars, and other in closed areas, have a hard time of removing the smell that sometimes can be penetrating and very difficult to remove, and over a period of time, this odor tends to build up.Another effect of cigarette smoking is that, smoking can stain your teeth different colors and…

Gruopy 11

Implementation is where actual actions are taken to implement the new system as far as developing the new system. When every aspect of the system has been sorted through work on getting coding, testing, installation, documentation, training, and ongoing support starts. In the implementation phase the system goes from start to end.
When upgrading your system, coding really should be done by experts because the slightest error could cost the company big. Coding is written in special database definition and processing languages like a structured query language which is long for SQL or by table definition forms. For a normal size company three to four coding technician could handle the job of maintain the system while outsourcing the new system development would be the most beneficial to the organization. It would even be a better idea for the organization to have its own system coding technicians to observe the new systems coding phase where they can grow familiar so if any problems arise in the future they can be familiar with. Testing
When coding phase is completed the project moves to the testing phase. The most crucial phase in the system development is the testing phase. In this stage the system is tested and tasks are performed to ensure that the system being developed is running glitch free and without errors. When testing the system it should be put to the maximum amount of pressure to ensure it is capable of handling the needs of the business.
Now that the testing has been complete, it is time to install the system. When installing this system it shouldn’t be too hard. We will need to replace the current code with the code that we had our contract coders write. In most cases this as simple as copy and paste or up loading the file to the computer followed by a reboot. Of all the stages in the implementation stage, I believe the installation process is possible the easiest to…

Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

Having bestowed with the responsibility of Accountancy managerial in Southwest airlines, I was tasked with overlooking after all accounting operations in the organization. As an astute manager, I had to observe the contributions of the non–managerial employees as an important contribution that can facilitate the success of the organization. Thus, I took the necessary steps and measures to recognize and consider the efforts of all employees in the organization. This is one of the philosophies that drove me as an accountancy manager in the Southwest Airlines. My philosophy of management was partly derived from the Bolman and Deal philosophy where Harris had quoted a question on how much a manager shows the concern and sensitivity to people. He argues that the amount of consideration and sensitivity that he can show to his/her employees are directly proportional to the few grievances, less absenteeism and lower turnover in the organization ( Bolman & Deal, 2008).
Organizational conflicts in the organization are inevitable and as a manager, I would address the competing interest to mitigate the destructiveness caused by the conflicts in the organization. In my managerial style, I try to build attentiveness in building and developing ties with both friend s and allies in order to ease conflict resolutions whenever it arises ( Bolman & Deal, 2008).
The flow of communication is what I have given due attention as a manager. Not only have I utilized wire communication but also I have taken the preference of using oral communication in the organization. This has facilitated for the use of other nonverbal communication such as gestures and intonation while solving critical issues. This is an effective channel especially in motivating employees to strive towards organizational vision (Fullan, 2000).
Staff empowerment has been another philosophy of my leadership. I have been delegating duties to employees at different…