Israel: the Palestinian Conflict

Israel: The Palestinian ConflictIsrael’s first independence day was on May fourteenth, 1948. It was split up into different sections, some of which were for the Jewish populous, others for the Palestinians, from whom the land was taken. This caused tension, anger, and violence, but before even this happened there have been hostilities between the peoples.First, in the book of Genesis, Abraham had two sons; these sons being Ishmael and Isaac (Ishmael and Isaac). Ishmael was born according to the flesh, the first of the two, whereas Isaac was born according to the promise, being the legitimate child of Abraham and his wife (Ishmael and Isaac). This made Isaac favoured. Another thing favouring him was that Isaac was born of Sarah, but Ishmael of Hagar, making Ishmael a bastard. Ishmael was the result of disobedience to God and Isaac was not. Because Isaac was born of Sarah, Ishmael could not claim the inheritance of Abraham (Ishmael and Isaac). Isaac on the other hand could and did. This makes the followers of Mohammed, and in turn Ishmael, somewhat envious of the followers of Isaac, the Jews—That was the Jewish side of the story; the Muslim side is a bit different, claiming that the Jews distorted the Torah. That it was not Isaac Abraham was going to sacrifice, but Ishmael, and that Abraham had eight sons, not two, who were raised in Mecca, not Heron. Each and every one of these differences, accusations, and misgivings caused resentment from the very start.As an example of some further religious issues, the Dome of the Rock, a mosque, resides where the Temple Mount once stood. The Temple Mount contained the Holy of Holies, which is said to have come from The Lord himself. The ‘Wailing Wall’ is the closest place that Jews can now get to where it once was held. Not only did The Muslims build their mosque over where it once was, but they also covered much of the Western Wall with a Muslim neighborhood, making it even harder to get close to where the Holy…

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Study Guide: Skills and Intervention Strategies
What strategies are needed in human servicesInformed Consent and Confidentiality
Informed consent – disclosing nature and risks
Confidentiality – commitment to keep information private
Important aspect of the counselor-client relationship
Confidentiality limits – child abuse, suicidal, homicidal disclosure
Emotional maturity of the human service professional
Sympathy – sorrow or concern for another’s welfare
Empathy – ability to understand a client’s experiences
Empathy is necessary for effective counseling
Boundaries in mental, physical, and emotional lives
Boundaries in the form of ethical standards
What is the clinical assessment process?
Patience for conducting effective assessment of client
Active listening for fully attending to speaker
Observation skills for client’s non-verbal communication
Genograms for comprehensive assessment of client’s family
Psychological testing by using objective assessment tools
Clinical diagnoses through Diagnostic Statistical Manual
Child and Family Services
What is the history of child service agencies?
U.S. orphan problem of the 1700-1800s
Development of institutionalized care: the orphanage
Seeds of foster care: the orphan trains
Current U.S. child welfare system: foster care
What is the process of child abuse investigations?
Mandated reporters: professionals who work with children
Investigations by licensed human service professionals
Maltreatment: physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, neglect
Protocol for the forensic interview of children
Decision-making models determining need for intervention
What are the common clinical issues of foster children Separation stages: preprotest, protest, despair, adjustment
Foster care placement often constitutes a crisis
Supporting children by permitting the grieving process

The Darkling Thrush: Rhyme, Form & Meter

The Darkling Thrush: Rhyme, Form & MeterWe’ll show you the poem’s blueprints, and we’ll listen for the music behind the words.
Rhyming Lines in Iambic MeterFor a guy who’s all about apocalypse and ending the earth, Thomas Hardy sure plays it safe when in comes to form. After all, with all that chaos and nothingness out there, it just doesn’t make much sense to pay attention to something as trivial as a regular rhyme scheme, does it? Why not go crazy with words that don’t sound at all alike
Well, Hardy doesn’t seem to agree. His poem is about as regular as they come (formally speaking, of course). It’s divided into four nice, neat stanzas, each of which has eight nice, neat lines. Heck, even the rhyme scheme is as traditional as they come: it’s all ABABCDCD. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.Here’s what we mean by that. Check out the first stanza:I leant upon a coppice gate (A)
When Frost was spectre-gray, (B)
And Winter’s dregs made desolate (A)
The weakening eye of day. (B)
The tangled bine-stems scored the sky (C)
Like strings of broken lyres, (D)
And all mankind that haunted nigh (C)
Had sought their household fires. (D)Notice how “gate” rhymes with “desolate” and “gray” rhymes with “day”? Every other line rhymes with each other. That’s what we mean when we say it’s an ABAB rhyme scheme. It sets up a traditional rocking sort of motion when you read the poem, pulling you through the stanzas by interlocking the rhyming lines.Even the meter is as normal and humdrum as they come: every other syllable is accented. All through the poem. An unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable is called an “iamb.” So the meter here is considered iambi. Check it out:I leant u-pon a copp-ice gateJust like the rhyme scheme, the meter’s supposed to be lilting. We’d write out more lines, but frankly, it’s making us just a bit seasick.Why does this matter? Well, you wouldn’t think that Hardy would be the sort of guy to serve up the same…

Statement of Purpose

I aspire for a career in product management in chip design industry where my decisions and solutions directly influence the market and contribute towards new technological breakthroughs. To attain the highest standard of education, I chose National institute of Technology, Warangal, to read in Electronics and Communication Engineering. My Engineering degree has strengthened my analytical and statistical skills as the courses involved complex and intricate calculations and the application of basic mathematical skills. Alongside my academics, I organized Robotics – a national event, at my college for 3 consecutive years. It exposed me to event conduction and co-ordination from design, planning and publicity. With a yearly participation of close to hundred, Robotics is now one of the most successful events of our college. I captained the women basketball team, representing our college at National-level basketball competition- All India inter NIT basketball tournament. I focused on developing roles and responsibilities for each player based on their strengths and changing strategies continuously, which lead the team to victory. Upon graduation, I joined my dream company, Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd., as a Software Engineer. Working here, I learnt the importance of deadlines, how important clients are to the company and how to manage resources to effectively contribute to the final product. It has been captivating; and transformed my interests in management industry to a passion. My technical background has equipped me with a strong problem solving skills. Now, I feel the need of a graduate degree in the field of management to strengthen my foundation in the same. I believe that the masters of management program would be invaluable in helping me achieve my objectives. It would enable me to channelize my quantitative and conceptual skills in analyzing business issues and enhance my knowledge required to pursue a career in product management.


Tutorial 5
Preparation Task
Name two dimensions that make up a person’s mood & give an example for each from within marketing:
• Pleasure and ArousalName 3 types of time and give a marketing example for each:
• Personal
• Psychological
• Social‘Atmospherics’ is defined by Solomon et al as:
• According to Solomon et al. (2010) there are different sorts of hedonic shopping motives such as utility anticipation, the optimization of choice, negotiation, the feeling of power and authority, affiliation and stimulationHow might expectations alter consumers satisfaction with a retail service encounter, give an example • When some consumers shop for clothing they may want to move freely through the store on their own and avoid interacting with salespeople, while other consumers may welcome a salesperson’s advance and want him/her to take an active part in helping them select the right merchandise.You’ve just bought a ‘new jacket’ and don’t like it. Provide 2 potential routes through your disposal options:
• Give it out for donation.
• Exchange or refund with other product from the store purchased.Think of your favourite club/restaurant/cafe and provide 5 reasons why you like it so much – for each reason, explain how the management may be facilitating this ‘liking’ using situational influences
1. Environment
2. Price
3. Interior Design
4. Service.
5. In Store Products they provideExplore the value/usefulness of shopping process models to explain consumer behaviour:(This question is a chance for you to collect some insights that will help you to provide a more critical answer in your examination (e.g. think of useful and less useful elements, explain why you think they are more or less useful, give examples…this then becomes a great crib sheet for your revision).
It shows consumers enter consumption situations and how marketers try to control this
, also consider issues…

Isaac Newton – Some Comments

Isaac Newton – Some CommentsOne of the major scientific works which have contributed to a great leap forward in our understanding of the word is Isaac Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. Written about 300 years ago and published in 1687, most of the idea and laws it presents are valid today unlike any many other theories of similar vintage. Given the norm of constant change in scientific understanding, the enduring relevance of this work is even more outstanding.
The Principia contains the main point of what is known as Newtonian or classical mechanics (summarized in Newton’s three laws of motion) the demonstration that the force law for elliptical motion is inverse-square in nature and the universality of the law of gravitation (applying not just to the motion of planets and other heavenly bodies but also to object on earth.)
Since then it has been shown that Newton’s law of motion do not apply to atomic or nuclear domains, nor to objects that are moving close to the speed of light. However they explain the behavior of everything else including the thrust of a jet engine, the paths of comets, hoe to hit tennis balls and the working of musical instruments.
The story of the apple falling down has been told so often that there has been a suspicion that it may not be true. However Newton himself talked about the event in his old age to his friend, Dr. William Stukeley. This description invites us to the understanding how the great scientist thought through his ideas. Newton wondered why an apple should fall perpendicularly to the ground; why it did not fall sideways or upwards, but always towards the centre of the earth. He concluded that the earth must be drawing it to itself. This source of power lies in the centre of the earth and not on any side of it. This would explain why the apple falls perpendicularly or towards the center.
Furthermore, Newton surmised that if matter attracts other matter, the power acts in proportion to the…

“Ford Ka (A): Breaking New Ground in the Small Car Market”

Group Case Analysis: “Ford Ka (A): Breaking New Ground in the Small Car Market”Fall 2013, Team 13Ainhoa Robles
Kathleen Lockwood
Israel Novelo
Javier Alvarez
The Challenge
In 1990, French small cars market experienced a completely new definition of customers’ expectations and products devoted to satisfy those needs. The Renault Twingo changed the characteristics of the Basic-B category, forcing other manufacturers to offer more than basic transportation to remain competitive. The Twingo gave customers a very distinct, original style, flashy colors, greater functionality and more interior space than cars of similar size. The Twingo was the pioneer that confirmed a demand for an urban, stylish car.
Ford France management felt that its current small cars products, the Fiesta brand line, did not have the appeal to compete with the Renault Twingo. Ford decided therefore, to develop the Ka using the same chassis as the Fiesta. Saving time and cutting the development costs to US$ 250 million (instead of US$ 1 billion to develop a new car). It restricted Ford’s ability to build the Ka on the basis of technical innovation. Instead, the idea was to use innovative styling, features and maneuverability as a basis for marketing the Ka.
Gilles Moynier is Ford’s Brand Manager responsible for the communication of the smallest Ford at that time. “The Ka is already developed and therefore, we need to find an appropriate target market for the product, rather than the other way around.” The car industry traditionally segmented the car market into size-tiers. However, Twingo success raised significant concerns about continuing with “traditional” size-based market segmentation.
Company Background
In 1995 Ford was the second largest manufacturer of cars and trucks in the world after General Motors, sales in Europe accounted for 26% of total dollar sales. Ford was the largest non-French manufacturer with a 7.3% unit share of the total passenger car market in France,…


GE2404: Asian Literature in EnglishAssignment # 3: Comparison/Contrast PaperLength: 3-4 pages, double-spaced (800-1000 words)Value: 25 %Due Date: Week 13 (on the date of your specific class)How to submit your assignment: You must also upload a soft copy to Blackboard via ‘Assignments’ by the due date. Students are advised to view their originality report before submitting their final hard copy in class. Before completing this assignment, please complete the University Requirement on Academic Honesty at this link: The quiz should take you approximately 10 minutes and is required to release your grades for semester A.Instructions: This assignment asks you to write a comparison/contrast paper that analyzes any recurring theme in Asian literature in English in two texts. One of these texts has to be either Forget Sorrow or Unpolished Gem; the other text can be any text on the course outline, with exception of the one that you wrote on for your first assignment. You may also choose a text from any Asian author at the 2013 Hong Kong International Literary Festival (, but this option must first be cleared with your instructor in advance. Possible themes include, but are not limited to, the following:Escape
SilenceYou are asked to develop your own original argument and your essay must include an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate strong close reading and writing skills about two texts that we have discussed in the course. You are not required to consult any secondary sources for this assignment. Formatting: Please include your name, student #, instructor’s name, and tutorial section # at the top, left-hand corner of the first page. Assessment: General summary…

research paper on Operations Management

Term paper, essay, research paper on Operations Management
Management term papers
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Operations Management is the term we use for the management of the resources necessary to produce and deliver the products and services required by customers. These resources include labour, materials and capital equipment.
The following definition reflects the nature of Operations management:
‘Operations management is about the way organizations produce goods and services. Everything you wear, eat, sit on, use, read or knock about on the sports field comes to you courtesy of the operations managers who organized its production. Every book you borrow from the library, every treatment you receive at the hospital, every service you expect in the shops and every lecture you attend at university – all have been produced.’
-Slack et al (1995) Operations Management, Pitman Publishing: London.
An operation can also be considered as a transformation process: operations are a transformation process as they convert a set of resources (INPUTS) into services and goods (OUTPUTS). These resources may be raw materials, information, or the client itself (p.e. people travelling with an airline).
Operations function is important to the organisation because it directly affects how well the organisation satisfies its customers.
If we consider the three stages in operations, Input, Transformation and Output, we can classify Input resources in two types: as transforming resources (the staff and facilities)…

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Questions
HR593Based on the scenario, Brittany Murphy does have a legal viable claim under Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment and Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment is sexual harassment in which the harasser requests sexual from the harassee in exchange for workplace benefits (Bennett-Alexander, D. 2013. Pg. 403). Brittany’s supervisor never did anything about the other employee Robert who was harassing her and asked her for sexual favors on a business trip because of what Robert told him and promised to promote her, when she declined she was demoted. Hostile environment sexual harassment is sexual harassment in which the harasser creates an abusive, offensive, or intimidating environment for the harassee (Bennett-Alexander, D. 2013. Pg. 403). In order for Brittany’s claim of sexual harassment to be brought to light she has to have proof and understand what is required for a hostile environment sexual harassment claim. First, she claimed the harassment was unwelcome because she stated that she laughed at the moment when he made the comment about her photo but then went into the bathroom and threw up because the comment made her sick. The next time he made a similar comment she told him to stop because it made her very uncomfortable. Second, the harassment was based on gender because Robert Singer would never harass a male employee the way he did Brittany. Third, the harassment was severe enough to create an abusive work environment because Robert stood in Brittany’s work area and stared at her photos, made inappropriate comments to her in regards to her picture, and even took something of value that belonged to her without her permission and duplicated it and had it on his work computer altered. Last, the employer, Dwayne Miller, had actual knowledge of Robert’s actions because of a past situation and took no action when he was originally supposed to. Based on all of the above the claim would rule in…