Harmful Effects of GMOs and Mandatory Labeling

“Education about what you eat, every chemical ingredient and it’s impact on your body and health can change your future and that of your children. Don’t wait until it is too late” (Barling). Unfortunately, in modern society, it might be too late to gain awareness and understanding of every ingredient. In the last hundred years, the amount of processed foods in the average U.S. diet has grown a drastic 70% (Rysdall). Coinciding with the increase in processing, the amount of ingredients in products often exceeds more than twenty items. While snacking or eating a meal, it has become nearly impossible for one to fully understand every ingredient mentioned on the label. Along with the excessive amount of processed food in our diet, genetically modified organisms exist in over 90% of the products, making the majority of the average diet genetically engineered based (Rysdall). Genetically modified organisms, likewise called GMOs, are organisms whose chemical makeup has been altered, “manipulating DNA or transferring it from one organism to another” (Dimrock). Although the FDA currently declares GMOs as safe, recent studies have challenged this fact. Many studies from around the world present interesting cases where the correlation between failing health and GMOs is clearly demonstrated. However, the United States does not call for the identification of GMOs in labeling, declaring that they are equal to their non-GMO counterparts, despite the increasing amount of evidence opposing this statement. Due to the potential health risks associated with GMOs, consumers should have a choice of whether or not to avoid them which would be possible through the implementation of mandatory GMO labeling. Throughout the late 20th and the early 21st century, genetically engineered foods have grown more and more prevalent, interacting and weaving into everyday life, often leaving the public ignorant of their presence. Biotechnology companies like…

An Introduction to Derivatives & Risk Management, 9th Edition exercise solution

Chapter 1 – Solution (9e)
3. (Misuses of Derivatives) Derivatives can be misused by speculating when one should be hedging, by not having acquired the requisite knowledge to use them properly by acting irresponsibly when using derivatives such as by being overly confident of one’s ability to forecast the direction of the market. 5. (The Role of Derivative Markets) Derivative markets provide a means of adjusting the risk of spot market investments to a more acceptable level and identifying the consensus market beliefs. They make trading easier and less costly and spot markets more efficient. These markets also provide a means of speculating. 7. (Criticisms of Derivatives Markets) On the surface, it may be difficult to distinguish speculation from gambling. Both entail high risk with the expectation of high gain. The major difference that makes speculation somewhat more socially acceptable is that it offers benefits to society not conveyed by gambling. For example, speculators are necessary to assume the risk not wanted by others. In gambling, there is no risk being hedged. Gamblers simply accept risk without there being a concomitant reduction in someone else’s risk.15. (Arbitrage and the Law of One Price) Arbitrage is a type of investment transaction that seeks to profit when identical goods are priced differently. Buying an item at one price and immediately selling it at another is a type of arbitrage. Because of the combined activities of arbitrageurs, identical goods, primarily financial assets, cannot sell for different prices for long. This is the law of one price. Arbitrage helps make our markets efficient by assuring that prices are in line with what they are supposed to be. In short, we cannot get something for nothing. A situation involving two identical goods or portfolios that are not priced equivalently would be exploited by arbitrageurs until their prices were equal. The “one price” that an asset must be is called the “theoretical…

Price of new stone crushing plant in Korea

Price of new stone crushing plant in Korea
Price of new stone crushing plant in KoreaPrice of new stone crushing plant in Korea ??Price of new stone crushing plant can be professionally offered by XSM, which is the lowest in mining industry all over the world. New stone crushing plant manufactured by XSM is a…
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Mobile impact crusher for copper ore in Belgium
Mobile impact crusher for copper ore in BelgiumMobile impact crusher for copper ore in Belgium mobile impact crusher in Belgium ??Belgium is a southern Africa country and has a rich deposit of copper ore. Mobile stone crusher is a new type of stone and construction waste crushing…
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100tph mobile crusher plant for crushing iron ore in Australia
100tph mobile crusher plant for crushing iron ore in Australia100tph mobile crusher plant for crushing iron ore in Australia ??Iron ore is a very common metal and is wide speared in the world with the huge iron ore reserves of 160 billion tons. , Australia Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, India,…
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50TPH mobile stone crusher for iron ore crushing in Austria
50TPH mobile stone crusher for iron ore crushing in Austria50TPH mobile stone crusher for iron ore crushing in Austria mobile stone crusher for iron ore crushing ??Iron is widely used in every important modern industries and the crushing of iron ore is significant to the production of iron and…
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Mobile stone crushing station in Switzerland
Mobile stone crushing station in Switzerland??mobile stone crushing station in Switzerland ??Switzerland is a central Europe country and has various ore reserves. Mobile stone crushing station Europe is suitable to crush stone. In this case, mobile stone crushing station is new designed and high-tech crushing…

Final Individual Project

Final Individual Project
Case Analysis of Virgin Mobile USA: Pricing for the Very First TimePlease provide a detailed analysis on the following questions. Assignments should be printed in 12-point font and business format, single line space, with one inch margins on all sides. There is no strict page limit. 1. The cellular industry is notorious for high customer dissatisfaction. Despite the existence of service contracts, the big carriers churn roughly 24% of their customer each year. Clearly, there is very little loyalty in this market. What is the source of all of this dissatisfaction? 2. Why haven’t the big carriers responded more aggressively to customer dissatisfaction? Virgin Mobile’s pricing options 1 and 2 are similar to the major carriers. Conduct an economic analysis to calculate the lifetime value (LTV) of an average customer to the current carriers (assuming an infinite economic life). What would the LTV be if the industry were to abandon the contract requirement and their customers become prepaid customers? (Hint: based on the average acquisition cost information in the case and lifetime value calculation in Exhibit 11). 3. In order for a consumer-friendly pricing option 3, Virgin might need to lower its customer acquisition costs. Virgin plans to spend a much less advertising budget of $60 million to acquire 1 million customers for the year, offer a $30 handset subsidy and adopt distribute channels such as Target. Please conduct an economic analysis on the consumer-friendly per-minute pricing option. Specifically, assuming that Virgin’s customer use 200 minutes per month and its monthly cost-to-serve is 45% of revenues, what would Virgin have to charge consumers on a per-minute basis to equal the current carriers’ break-even time? What would the LTV of a typical customer be if Virgin were to charge a per-minute price between 10 cents per minute and 25 cents per minute?

The confusing condition of mining market

Rock crushing equipment is the main part of rock crushing plants in mining industry. For mobile jaw crusher machine, it is suitable for hard and medium hard rocks and stones, and it features large production capacity, large crushing ratio, simple structure and easy operation, so it is usually used as primary crushing machine in rock crushing plants. For impact rock crusher, it is commonly used as secondary crushing machine for high crushing efficiency, unique crushing cavity design and fine final product granularity etc. What’s more, if customers have more requirements on the fineness of final products, cone stone crusher will be chosen as tertiary crushing machine. After crushed, mobile screen plant will be used which will screen the different aggregate. DSMAC is the experienced jaw crusher supplier in mining industry.Especially for the mining industry, the roll crusher is applied to directly break raw coal through the steps of iron removal and impurity removal without cleaning the waste rocks. The crushed materials are all in good shape and proper size and the over crushing problem is completely avoided. The roll crusher is designed with simplified coal preparation technique which reduces the investment capital and the production cost. Many mining machinery companies are making efforts to improve the working efficiency of the roll crusher by introducing new technology. There are many kinds of mobile crusher for sale in the mining market. It’s well known that the energy saving and emission reduction will be the definite developing trend for the roll crusher in the future.Since the local governments all over the country start to concentrate on the mining industry and the mining machinery manufacturing industry, there is no doubt that the roll crusher will have a bright future for further development. However, in most areas in China, there are a lot of macadam plants and sand making production lines with simple equipment configuration and lagging…


Grounding in the native countryTo much regret from parents, only half of the expatriate children feel at home once they return to their native country. Often the knowledge of their native language is not sufficient and many children feel discriminated for being different. After all, standing out as different can be challenging for children who are desperate to fit in with their peers. In most cases the children do not wish to go back or their wanderlust remains. For others an “identity crisis” arises, simple questions such as “where are you from?” can be a nuisance. Later in life this crisis can lead to symptoms that include seclusion, loneliness, withdrawn behavior and uncooperative or even disruptive behavior. Overall it takes an expat child longer to settle down in life. This is called the expat Child Syndrome, a term that has been coined by psychologists to describe the emotional stress in children caused by a move abroad.The most important thing for parents who wish to live abroad as expats is to educate themselves about the consequences it has on their children and to consider whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It is crucial that parents carefully plan and implement the move abroad and seek further information about ways in which parents can assist their children to prepare for their move to a new country.Grounding in the native countryTo much regret from parents, only half of the expatriate children feel at home once they return to their native country. Often the knowledge of their native language is not sufficient and many children feel discriminated for being different. After all, standing out as different can be challenging for children who are desperate to fit in with their peers. In most cases the children do not wish to go back or their wanderlust remains. For others an “identity crisis” arises, simple questions such as “where are you from?” can be a nuisance. Later in life this crisis can lead to symptoms that include…

What Is Eugenics

Segregation of the Blacks and White Moya-Gaye Miller
BSMARTGlobal History
Ms. Wrong/Ms. Hack
January 16th 2014Table of Contents
Eugenics Definition ………………………………………….4
Effects of Eugenics on Africa……………………………..5
Africa: Eugenics……………………………………………….6
Eugenics Images……………………………………………….7
What is EugenicsEugenics is a theory that the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits. In general the theory or science as it was once called is racist in nature and was aimed at promoting the supremacy of the white race. Many different social and political programs were put in place to ensure that breeding would stay homogenous between groups and people with specified non desirable traits are removed or ostracized in society one way or another. Eugenics was seen as a science that was promoted worldwide to ensure the stability of white power, by ensuring that other racial groups maintained an inferior status through the creation of social and political policies that would cement the placing of other people in class rank in societies. Eugenics however, has had a tremendous effect on the societies it was enforced in. it was only use to ensure that the white would always remain superior to any other race, especially blacks. To an extent, eugenics has influenced policies in Africa and it affected the continent in various ways. The eugenics policies created many social, political and economic conditions in Africa. Eugenics was seen has improving the human qualities by setting certain guidelines and rules they had to follow to ensure that the society had persons who were “fit” to be in it.
Therefore Eugenics is the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the…


INTRODUCTION A. OverviewThe term technology came from the Greek word technologia, which means ‘the systematic treatment of an art’ from the Greek word techne+o, which means ‘art, skill’ and logia from the Greek word logos, which mean “word or speech,” meant in Greece a discourse on the arts or skill. It was used to represent a discussion of the functional arts only, and gradually these “arts” themselves came to be the object of the designation. According to some scientists, the term technology embraced a growing diversity of means, processes, and ideas in addition to tools and machines.Technologies are mainly one of the most developed materials in the world which helps us humans in our daily works. Development of technologies occur when we often use them and finding out their new and fresh features of its uses for us. Its development somehow affects our way of living and interactions to our environment. With the increasing of scientific knowledge, there will be an increase also to the rate of technological development. Developing of technologies in different periods may help us to understand and know better about their importance.Technology includes the management of the environment towards human needs such as food, shelter, communication, and health. The development of various technologies within the past years of human history has been affected and has affected the environment, human societies, and science.The evolution of technology combines investigations of these aspects of technology with student’s projects that illustrate them in details. Students work in teams to gather a research project which focuses on one type of technology. Supporting materials have been given for the teacher, including a complete evaluation rubric, as well as help in managing projects and student’s teams and resources that cover project, specific and general areas of technology. Design suggestions of technology are also included in this kind of…

Orange Uk

Background of orange uk
Orange is a mobile network machinist and internet service supplier in the United Kingdom, which launched in 1993. It was once a component of the FTSE 100 Index but was acquired by France Telecom (now Orange S.A.) in 2000, which then adopted the Orange brand for all its other mobile communications activities. Orange UK has since amalgamated with Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile UK to form a joint venture, EE. Orange UK has over 17 million clients through its mobile and former broadband services. The commencement of Orange brand was in 1990 in United Kingdom with the formation of “Microtel Communications Ltd” – an association primarily molded by Pactel Corporation (American), British Aerospace, Millicom and Matra (French) and later, to be wholly owned by BAe. In July 1991, the Hong Kong based conglomerate – Hutchison Whampoa through a stock swap deal with BAe, attained a regulatory stake of 65% in Microtel, who by then had won a license to develop a Personal communications network (PCN) network in United Kingdom. As per the stock swap deal, BAe was given a 30% stake in Hutchison Telecommunications (UK) Ltd.
Mission and vision
We propose an extensive range of communications technology and services, and we do it just about everywhere around the world. But our vision remains simple, controlling all features of our work and describing what are the prerequisites to make your business more competitive.

Market share
Orange began as a UK mobile phone provider but is now the fifth largest telecoms operator in the world, providing broadband, content and associated services for consumers and businesses.
We at Orange Business Services never forget that technology is for people. We assist you collaborate efficiently, progress your company and support your customer dealings. Whether it is by ensuring that your facts and infrastructure are protected, smoothing the adoption of cloud-computing services, or assisting you in making the most…

The Stoning of Soraya M.

The Stoning of Soraya M.
In 1986, a call for women rights had been heard all over the world to stand up and fight again for women in all the countries on earth. A woman was stoned to death for a pretended crime that she didn’t make, a conspiracy was made by her husband for his personal goals and she had to pay the price costly. That price Soraya paid was the awaken pulse for all the women in Iran, it gave some of women rights back to them.
In many countries and places around the world, women considered to lower class then men. She serve her husband, get beaten for the little mistakes that she forgot to do, fulfill the sexual desire, cook his food, raise his children (more focusing on sons) and clean the house. Daughters are his property to barter and trade with other men, also they are viewed as a burdened and drowned or aborted for not being sons. Men made their own law and used only what serves their right in the religion. What is that law that had been decided by a board of few men and without the presents of any women? It is the law of men who need to make their selves better than women. Which “full sentence” in the Qur’an and Sunnah (the source of Islamic and Sharia law) says that men are better than women? It is the words that men decided to read and then stop reading what comes after they got what they need.
The Qur’an preserved the right for both men and women when it says “O people, fear your Lord, who created you from a single soul. From it He created its spouse, and from both of them scattered many men and women. Fear Allah, by whom you ask one another, and (fear) the wombs (lest you sever its relationship). Allah is ever watching over you” An Nisa’ (women) {4.1} Qur’an. This example is one of many for those who follow the Islamic and Sharia law latterly from the Qur’an and it is more than enough to show the equality between men and women in the Islamic religion. It also tell us that the punishment Soraya had should be made to Hisham also because…