Personal Paradigm Shift

Hannah Stewart
Professor Adamson
September 2nd, 2013Personal Paradigm Shift
In everyone’s life there is a moment that changes everything. They are a collection of moments and experiences that stay with us forever. For each individual the moments are different. Our way of thinking about everything changes and we are introduced to a whole new spectrum of ideas that we never knew possible before. As we grow up, we are lead through experiences by those closest to us, whether it is a parent or a coach. Often times those mentors in our life will have a huge impact and we will learn almost everything from them. Thankfully, I grew up with amazing influences in my life. I believe that I am who I am today because of those influential people.
My big “it” moment, the moment were I felt like I was truly seeing the world as a different place with whole different ideas, happened two summers ago. My uncle gave me the opportunity to accompany him and my cousin to Peru on a medical missions trip. We spent two weeks going up and down the Amazon River stopping at different villages to offer medical care and much needed supplies. In addition to those two weeks spent on the river, we spent five days in Peru’s capital, Lima. The days spent with the village people was the most interesting times I have ever had thus far. I loved every minute of getting to know each of the families and to hear their stories of hardship and struggle was remarkable. Yet, even with all that hardship they were still the happiest people I have ever encountered. The fact that they live in such different circumstances than us and they never complain really opened my eyes to a whole new world. In America people simply cant not even began to grasp how fortunate we are, until they get out and see something completely opposite. Those stories made me realize that there really is so much more to life than what meets the eye, as cliche as that sounds. That vacation was one big culture shock to me. My time in the…

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