Personal Statement for University

Personal Statement
XXX University
I am NAME, and I’m currently an undergraduate student attending both Quality Leadership University, which is a branch of the University of Louisville Kentucky and Florida State University, both located in Panama City. I am currently in my second year of college, finishing all my general education courses and extremely interested in attending XXX University to pursue the career of CAREER.
As a child my family had always told me education and knowledge are the most important things. I’ve always had full support from my parents and family, and when it comes to anything concerning my education. They continue being a source for my motivation. I am the youngest in my entire family and the first one on the road to go on and finish college. Graduating from college was my grandfather’s dying wish. So not only for my own benefit, my grandfather’s dying wish continues to be a motivation booster in my everyday life. My family encourages and helps me to take part in school activities, with their encouragement in High School; I became the president in my senior year.
I consider myself an open minded person, eager to learn from different racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, which make me easy to get along with others. I thrive to learn more and more. Over the years I have developed high levels of responsibility as a young adult, organization skills, motivated to learn, hard worker and easy to get along with, which I believe are some great qualities of my part. Some things about how I see my social behavior on campus would be quite simple. I am very much into sports and a very enthusiastic supporter. I do see myself supporting the University team every games and do my best to elaborate in other ways. Other things I do like doing is trying to research all the doubts I may have to clear my thoughts. Reading interesting books, or even articles or magazines are one of things I do in spare time.

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