Personnel Essay

Personal Essay
Vicki S. Wendt
Grand Canyon University: 5403NV
December 8, 2013Personal Essay
Looking back over my personal life, I cannot say I focused much in education or research in one subject area as I acted as a sponge; soaking up formal education and life’s teachings.
My father made a living as an auto mechanic but learned many skills in his lifetime. His knowledge and skill impressed me so I began my individualized journey by mastering many skills and focusing on high school, vocational school, and college classes. I am blessed to have the best of both worlds; common sense and an education.
Graduating from high school ended my educational endeavors for a while. I enrolled in college classes about five years later into a degree program that would save my life; electronic engineering. However, motherhood became a priority and my education took a back burner. College classes became a priority again thirty years later. As I had began classes, stopped classes, began classes and stopped them again. But this time I was determined to complete my education no matter what. And I did just that. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management in 2011. That was a revelation as my adrenaline was rushing and I wanted/needed more input. But I was beginning a foreign field in which I had no experience or skill but I did have my core values and common sense. After being gainfully employed for three years I now have decided to become a career college student; I am working towards my Masters in Business Administration. My next goal is to obtain my doctorate degree and baccalaureate degree. I am hoping my current employer will have a place for me to grow and retain my skills. However, if this never evolves, I will either go elsewhere or become an entrepreneur.
I chose Grand Canyon Christian University (GCU) and Ken Blanchard College of Business (KBCOB) from television advertisements. The commercials included students with huge smiles on…

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