Plagiarism is a form of dishonesty and involves using another person’s academic work, terming it as your own. Such kind of practice is full of deceit and is same as cheating, even if a student engages in it unknowingly. Knowing the plagiarism concept has been important to me as this knowledge prevents me from being a victim of plagiarism. The knowledge of plagiarism is important as it helps students maintain their academic integrity. Personally, I find plagiarism as an important aspect in my academic work because failure to follow the plagiarism rules can jeopardize my education. This essay addresses the concept of plagiarism, plagiarism avoidance, and the importance of plagiarism in colleges and other educational institutions.
Plagiarism encompasses different malpractices. First, turning another person’s work to seem as your own, copying another person’s work without crediting it, failure to use quotation marks while quoting, citing sources incorrectly, using a lot of ideas from someone else work and less ideas of your own; and finally, copying and interchanging words from another person’s work without crediting it. However, it is possible to prevent these cases by simply citing sources.
Plagiarism prevention is a crucial part of academic writing in colleges and other learning institutions. In colleges, students have the opportunity to practice their creativity and come up with new ideas. This way, they are expected to be independent thinkers and be capable of coming up with their own ideas, as their level of intellectual exposure is quite high. Students can therefore avoid plagiarism through multiple ways. First, crediting any sources that are used in one’s writing is one way of avoiding plagiarism. In addition, these sources should be cited correctly. In cases a student wants to use direct quotations, they should use these in a sparing and accurate manner. Patchwriting must be avoided at all cost (Buranen, Roy & Roy, 1999).
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