Pm 571 – Riordan Manufacturing Project Management Plan – Week 5 (W/Instructor Comment)

December 16, 2013Project management is vital to the triumph of any project, despite the scope or size. Effective planning, support, organization, teamwork, and communication are vital to keep a project on track. Among the steps for assembling, developing, and managing project teams, is a tthorough understanding of the project. Lack of a comprehensible understanding of the objectives and goals of a project can be difficult to manage and complete successfully. The next step is to determine the project staffing requirements. This includes knowledge of resource requirements to i include time, personnel ability, and skills to complete the project.
Project Execution
Project execution is the primary process of the project plan. During this phase, the majority of the budget will be spent. Additionally, it is the process that is most directly affected by the project application area. The project manager must direct and coordinate various technical and organizational interfaces of the project. Performance against the baseline must be monitored so corrective actions can be taken as required. Preventive action also should be taken as necessary to reduce the probability of potential consequences and risk.
During this process, the project manager should exercise general management skills and product skills and knowledge. The latter may be provided through the project team. General management skills include: leadership, communication, negotiation, problem solving, and ways to influence the organization using both power and politics. A work authorization system is a formal procedure that sanctions the project work to ensure it is done at the right time and in the proper sequence. Status review meetings should be held regularly to exchange information on the project.
The outputs are work results and change requests. Work results are the outcomes of the activities performed to accomplish the project. Change requests serve to expand or contract project scope, to…

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