Project Management

Project Management 
1. Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation
2. Project Management Process
3. Project management key elements
4. Strategic Issues in Project Management
5. Interpersonal dynamics and teams
6. Project management implementation
Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation
As it is now known project management is one of the integral parts of the contemporary management system due to its ability to make sure that the goals set in the beginning of a project correspond exactly to the goals that were achieved later on. It goes without saying that the primarily aim of any project is a certain definite result. It can be a definite product, a service or information concerning the required aspects. Project management came as an answer to a great demand on quality management using special innovative techniques. Since a project can be applied to various spheres of activity of a company it automatically gets a wide range of usage. The fourth edition of David I. Cleland’s and Lewis R. Ireland’s “Project Management: Design and Implementation” appeared just in time to satisfy the growing need for effective management of the projects in any company. David Cleland is often called the father of “project management”. His prime target in the book is the explanation of the necessity of project management as a “tool” to reach strategic goals of any project. He views management as a constantly transforming solution-inventor directed to a successful result. The book examines the basic advantages of project management starting with general process and ending up with alternative project teams and the future of project management. The author emphasizes that project management takes into count many other important aspects such as cultural elements of project management, interpersonal dynamics, possible prospects and the exact instruction for its implementation within any project.
The book begins with the detailed…

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