Project Paper

1. Project Initiation
According to the Request For Proposal (RFP) by Unilever where they wish to build a lounge and has put a tender and we, ‘ANGEL Ltd’ which specializes in taking on projects and completing them in time, has come up with a project proposal for the lounge project. We prepared a project proposal in accordance with the RFP which have already been approved by the Senior Management in Unilever. 2. Project Planning
3.1 Objectives
* The creation of an exclusive, stylish, innovative environment that will distinguish Second Chance from other coffee shops and cyber cafe.
* The creation of a comfortable and casual environment that will bring people with different interests and backgrounds together for socialization.
* High-quality coffee and bakeries at a reasonable price.
* Free access to online services.
3.2 Limitations
The time frame Unilever has put forth is very limited. Even with our highly experienced and qualified project team we have to work very hard to finish the project within the margin. Nevertheless we are confident that we will be able to hand over the project within the time limit. 3.3 Concept Evaluation
Basically, to enter into Second Chance first a customer has to buy a membership card. For that, he/she will need a photocopy of his/her National ID card or passport, two passport size photos and Tk500. After that our state of the art machine will produce a membership card instantly. We will be serving baked deserts, specialty drinks, and different kinds of coffee at reasonable price. Every Friday evening famous musicians will perform live and one member is allowed to bring one guest. We will have a free Wi-Fi zone and while becoming a member he/she must register his or her laptops or smart phones. Besides this we will have six isolated, private booths where stand alone computers with the most updated hardware and software are installed where users can browse or download or play online…

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