Prostitution in Our Society

Deteriorating women in our Society According to Hoffman, “Prostitution violates the right to physical and moral integrity by the alienation of women’s sexuality that is appropriated, debased and reduced to a commodity to be bought and sold.” If prostitution were to be legalized, would it be morally right for every man to look at every women in a “whore-ish” manner; with them thinking that every women who walks around is bound to sell her body? I believe it is wrong and immoral. Legalizing prostitution would bring down women’s’ morals down. Not only their morals, but there would be an increase in crimes and rapes and the risks of diseases would highly increase. Every person has a right to live life without any judgement, both males and females. It would be unfair if society starts to look down upon women.
The image and reputation one carries off is very important in today’s society. If one small rumor of “Oh, I heard this person cheated on their boyfriend/girlfriend with this other guy/girl” can immediately change one’s perception of a person, then imagine how low a women’s reputation would fall down to if prostitution was legalized. First off, it would run a high risk of women engaged in date rapes and crimes. There are legal brothels where there are women who are willing to sell their bodies. And that is fine, because that is what they want. Why would they want that? Maybe because they have financial issues and that’s the only way they can support themselves. Not every women would willingly give away their body like that. So far, it is fine, because prostitution is not legal. But if it was, there would be more unwanted forceful sex rapes. It would basically mean that every women walking out there is at a high risk of getting raped or even getting a disease. Living life with the thought that a women is at risk of being in that situation, whenever she is in public, is pretty disturbing.
Along with the increase of date rapes and crimes and the crashing…

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