Reflective Statement of Competence Iii

Reflective Statement of competence III
Early Childhood professionals routinely define social-emotional development as the foundation for how children feel about themselves and how they experience others. This begins the day we are born, continues to develop throughout our lifespan and is the foundation of education. The greatest influence on a child’s social-emotional development is the quality of the relationships that we develop with our primary caregivers. My main goal in the classroom is to treat each child as an individual. All children have different rates of development and different personalities. Knowing this can help me be patient. I show children that I really care about them by accepting each child as an individual. This will help children during hard times. In the classroom I have a healthy relationship with at least one parent or close adult, I help children with developing social skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to act independently. They have a sense of purpose and future, sense of positive self-esteem and personal responsibility.
Functional Area 1: Self
One of my goals of the functional area of self is to provide a physical and emotional security for each child and help each child know, accept, and take pride in him or herself and to develop a sense of independence. I provide a positive relationship with the children through daily routines and interactions. I feel this gives the children and parents a sense of trust. I greet the child and the parent in the morning. I always address the child by his or her name. I get down to the child’s level when I speak to them. I feel that by doing this it makes the child feel special and welcomed in the class. In the morning we have free play where the children can interact with the other children. I believe this helps the children enter into their comfort zone and move and work at their own pace. At circle time I assign classroom helpers. The children get to be the line leader, door…

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