Review on Brokeback Mountain

Review on Brokeback Mountain
“We could had a good life together, a fucking good life, had a placeable room. But you don’t want it! So what we got now is Brokeback now! Everything is built on there. That’s what we got! Fucking all! ” This line expresses the theme of the film, Brokeback Mountain, which talking about the homosexual.
The main characters in the film are Jack and Ennis, two cowboys, who fall in love with each other when they work together in the Brokeback Mountain, however, with the pressure of social denunciation, they cannot express their love in the public. They love remains for about 20 years although both they have their own family.
In the film, Ennis, with great inner conflict, loves Jack but has no courage to face the reality. When he was young, he saw a gay who was hit to death on his own eye, which made a great impact on him, remaining him all the time that such love is not acceptable at that time. On the contrary, Jack is braver to pursue happiness than Ennis. He wants to live a happy and peaceful life with Jack, building a small house in the mountain, getting up with rising sunshine glinting on the tree and twittering of birds at dawn every morning. But this will never happen ……
True love is beyond everything. Love has nothing to do with gender and time. Although they are both man and can just stay together other once a month or even longer, their love never changes. As the time pass, their love becomes deeper and deeper. There is a scene in my mind that after being separated for 4 years, they hug and kissed each other tightly. Maybe the hug and kiss is not enough to express their deep miss and love at that time. Love is borderless.
However, not everybody can accept such love especially at that time. With such background, it’s easy for us to understand Ennis behavior, being too timid to face their true love. Just suppose, if you are in such setting, could you be brave enough to tell the world who you love is someone of your own sex?…

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