Riordan Manufacturing Project Management Plan – Week 2

Scope Statement|Project Title: China Relocation |
|Date: Prepared by: |
|Project Justification: |
|This project plan involves the location of Riordan Manufacturing’s China operations in Hangzhou. The major driving force for this |
|decision is the fact that the company’s Chinese partners already have the necessary facilities in place. In addition, another |
|reason for this is that the Hangzhou city is proximal to the Qiantang River. Consequently, Qiantang River is significant since the |
|access to the river is responsible for Hangzhou Bay, which is big enough to handle the company’s shipping needs. The project is |
|also justified by the fact that there has been an increase in the volume of production from the China plant and therefore, if |
|container shipping companies for instance the China Shipping Container Lines are utilized. The ports in Shanghai and Hong Kong are |
|utilized by container shipping companies. However, Shanghai port, which is 180 kilometers away from the current location, results |
|in extra logistical steps. The products of the company are transported to a port located on Qiantang River before being loaded into|
|containers for shipping. The shipping containers are then loaded onto barges and taken to Shanghai port. At Shanghai, the shipping |
|containers are offloaded and transported to another place of port where final loading takes place before delivery to final |
|destinations. The other option is to use the truck to transport the products to the Shanghai port. There, they will be loaded into |
|shipping containers and onto the ships directly for delivery into their final…

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