Security Threats

Identified above is a table to summarize Kudler Fine Food’s security threats with their customer rewards program. The first area of the system that possesses a critical threat is the main server. The main server has a potential vulnerability of natural disasters such as hurricanes that can occur at any time. The vulnerability can cause loss of data if the main server is not backed up. The back up of data has to occur both within on-site and off-site locations. The back up ensures that data can be recovered if a natural disaster occurs (“Small Business Security Threats,” 2013).
The firewalls being utilized in Kudler Fine Foods also poses a potential vulnerability. Firewalls can be breeched and affect the entire network, which in turn can affect all workstations within the company. During a firewall breech information can be obtained and used against the company or used to gain an upper hand within the food industry. Firewalls have to be enabled and properly configured to meet information security standards that are set forth in company policies. If firewalls are not properly used hackers can obtain data files to steal customers’ information. We recommend that Kudler Fine Foods ensure firewalls are properly being used and constantly be on the lookout for new security threats (“Small Business Security Threats,” 2013).
Since threats are possible every day, Kudler Fine Food’s software has to be upgraded and up-to-date. New threats are being created and transmitted on a daily basis, Kudler is vulnerable because their lack of updated software and patches. We are recommending updating and patching the operating system and the software. Kudler Fine Foods has to implement and keep current the security protection infrastructure (“Small Business Security Threats,” 2013). In the same aspect, Kudler is vulnerable to data loss and identify theft due to lack of authentication process. Unwanted users can crack the system and attack Kudler Fine Food’s system. In…

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