Sources of Motivation

Sources of Motivation
instructorSources of Motivation
We are going to examine the concepts of motivation and behavior. There will be thorough information regarding the sources of motivation. Additionally, information regarding the relationship between motivation, and behavior will be provided. Furthermore, there is going to be information provided that will entail how behavior exhibits motivation. Additionally, there will be examples and sources of the information provided.
Motivation has the ability to be defined in many ways. According to a philosopher named Arthur Schopenhauer, motivation is to move into an action or make a decision on the action to take (Deckers, 2010). Motivation begins with an individual’s inside nature to be concerned, as well as attempt optimistic incentives and evade pessimistic incentives. Motivation remains the power that commences, leads and upholds the behavior’s objective. The objective is what causes an individual to proceed, whether to eat a meal to bring up blood glucose or to diminish an appetite. The strengths that rest underneath motivation are capable of ensuing genetic, communal, emotive or cerebral (Cherry, 2013).
Motivation Sources
Relating to sources of motivation there remain quite a few. Three sources of motivation are Environmental variables, Biological attributes, and Psychological disposition. Concerning environmental variables the environment plays a part in triggering motivational responses within ourselves. An example of an environmental variable would be a salesman. The sales person is advertising a product that the individual does not have. As this person watches the salesman the product begins to seem more and more appealing. This appeal triggers a motivational response for the need of that product (Deckers, 2010). Regarding Biological attributes an individual’s body sends information to the brain and then back to the body triggering a motivational response. For…

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