Taylor Ambulance

Taylor Ambulance Company, Inc. Nate Bachmeier WEB240: Web Design May 13, 2013 Jennifer Hidalgo 2|Page TAYLOR AMBULANCE COMPANY Taylor Ambulance, Inc. When you’re in need of a lift to the doctor, “who you gonna call (Parker, 1983)?” Not the Ghostbuster, but the fastest growing medical transport group in Kelsey. Taylor Ambulance Company started back in 2000 as a small business with only five used ambulances. At the organization’s birth it only had five used ambulances which it used to provide non-emergency transportation to the people of Kelsey. During the first lean years the company was able to expand to twenty-six vehicles. Now it is a goliath with ninety-five employees and server 43,000 medical transports. At least once in a person’s life they will be in need medical attention and a ride along the way. This makes anyone a potential client, however the group needs to focus their marketing campaign to focus on long term solid business. Such a market segment is going to come from targeting hospitals and small local doctors. In a parallel to this primary focus, the organization needs to be careful not to alienate the average person.Rational to Building the Web Site In order to maintain this aggressive growth Taylor needs to have a continue expanding their business and provide information to not only future customers but also future employees. Presently the help desk is constantly bombarded with the same set of questions, instead of giving out this information over the phone having a central web presence would not only ensure a consistent message but also save costs. Not only do they have a business need to share topics such as a full list of services and employment opportunities, but also promote their involvement in the community. This includes the standard Facebook and Google+ integration, and also extends out further into the community // W A S N T N A T E C O MPage | 3with listings of community events. Additionally their consumers would also…

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